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did it!

First week done — we ran/walk Monday, Wednesday and Friday, just like we planned. Even when we didn’t want to (this morning). Even when we weren’t feeling good (Tim this morning, me on Wednesday). But we did it and this week will probably be the hardest, just because we hadn’t done it in such a long time.

I feel great. I certainly feel more awake on the mornings we go to the track. I know it will help me feel better physically, and it will help me lose some weight, which is always good.

I’m proud of us.


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what a difference!

I went to a chiropractor for the first time yesterday, since my neck and shoulders were still sore, and I was still having a hard time sleeping. One of the first things he did was to have me stand in front of a mirror and he put a finger on each of my clavicles, and there was a good inch or two difference.

He did some cracking of my neck, shoulder, breast bone and back. It didn’t really hurt, but the noise made it sound like it did.

Last night I was able to sleep without pain, get up or change positions without pain. And today I have almost full motion again. It’s nice to not wake up in pain.

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We went up to Mt. Hood for the first time yesterday, and it was really cool, even if the hiking wasn’t exactly what we wanted.

It is a lot different than going to mountains back east. We were driving up through big green mountains and foothills and then you turn the corner and MOUNTAIN! Snow covered, bigger than everything around, impresssive.

When we pulled into the parking lot at the lodge, we were surprised to see tons of people with skis and snowboards gearing up. Yup, there is skiing on the fourth of july out here. We had brought jackets and such thinking it was going to be a lot cooler up there, and NOPE. It was high 70s easily and just tons of sun, no shade.

We ended up walking up a trail right up by one of the ski slopes, it was weird to see people skiing in shorts lol. The trail we walked on wasn’t at all what we wanted, no trees, didn’t really go anywhere, no fields of wildflowers, but it was still pretty cool.

We left there and we were going to go hiking down at the bottom of the mountain, but you need day passes to park at any of the trail heads, so we just headed home (and promptly fell asleep with the pup). But we know what we need to now. There are tons of trails around the base of the mountain, and they are only about an hour away from us. Next time we are going to get a daypass and hike out to Mirror Lake.

It was a neat way to spend the fourth.

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A faerie festival, featuring Brian Froud. HUUUUUUGE vendor section. Potential for lots of hippy earthy ‘fairy’ people, but I think it will be really cool. Yay!!


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Didn’t push it, didn’t try to do too much or go too fast, and my legs felt good, no pain. I am taking a very different approach to running this time. I’m not going to think about mileage. I’m not going to try to train for anything, I don’t even want to think about running a certain amount of time. I want to do this three days a week and gradually build up how much I can run. I am going to be ok with running a lap, walking a lap. Because every time I’ve tried to be running a certain distance, thinking oh I have to do blah blah miles per week to be a runner, I’ve gotten hurt or injured. So I’m going to go a lot slower and just enjoy feeling better, because I feel really good right now.

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Tim and I are both unhappy with the way we look and feel, and even though I’ve been doing total gym pretty regularly and now doing my workout tape pretty regularly, it’s not enough.

Since Myra wakes us up early anyways, we are both planning to get up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and go to the track and run or run/walk. For me, it is the only way I will really lose weight, and when Tim was running before, weight was just melting off him.

This is when it is the hardest, taking the first step to start and making it part of a routine. But once it is part of our routine, it becomes a lot easier. So the next few weeks I am going to have to keep looking back at this and remembering to just get up and go to the track on those three days. If we do it for a month, it will become habit.

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shopping trip!

Since yesterday was pretty much a wasted day because of my neck pain, we decided to go shopping this afternoon when my neck felt better.

Went to DSW and I got four new pairs of shoes, teva sandals that I will wear all summer, cute black and brown sandals I will wear to work, and these really cute purple flower ones that I only bought because they were 70% off and only paid about $20 for them.

Then we went to REI, and I bought a pair of hiking boots. I only have my trail running shoes, which don’t provide enough traction to really go hiking, and they don’t provide any ankle support, which I need when I am hiking. Since we want to go to Mt. Hood on Tuesday, and since I want to start hiking on Sundays when Myra is in daycare, I needed a pair of boots for that.

I haven’t gone on a shopping trip in a while, other than just small stuff. Tim’s been the one shopping for stuff, his guitar, camera, stuff for his guitar, etc. It was fun to buy stuff for me 🙂

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