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Woke up Saturday with such bad neck pain, I could barely figure out how to get out of bed. I managed to sit on the couch and was just crying because it hurt so much, I could barely move. Kept trying to go to sleep but it hurt to lay down. Tim was so great through all of it, I felt so bad because he was so frustrated he couldn’t help me.

Today was better. I had more range of motion although I woke up with my neck and right shoulder at a weird angle and I couldn’t make them go right for a while because it hurt too much. I later had to take a nap sitting up on the couch because it hurt to lie down still.

By tonight, I was mostly normal, pretty much had most of my range of motion back. I’m guessing I pulled some muscles exercising then made it a lot worse by jerking awake from the stupid fireworks people were firing off behind the house on Friday night.


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