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My wreck journal, under the glass surface of my coffee table


Mission: Write one word over and over. I chose love.


Some details — love is the key. Love is the gift. Love outside the box. LOVE!!


Love sticks out its tongue. Love front and backwards


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A life list

When I was in Louisville, KY, I found this awesome little book shop and one of the first things I saw was the fabulous journal section (I am a sucker for journals). And one of the first journals I saw in this great collection was Listography – Your life in lists. It gives you all these different lists to fill out, and it has fun quirky illustrations opposite the lists. I was almost swooning in the bookstore. Needless to say, I quickly bought it and spent all evening playing with lists in my new journal.

One of the lists is “Things you’d like to do before you die.” While this list will continue to grow, I thought I would share what is on the list so far. In no particular order:

1. See AC/DC in concert

2. Drink tea in the Mountains of Nepal.

3. Learn to sail.

4. Spend time living on a boat.

5. Learn to surf (and actually the illustration on the opposite page is this!)

6. Private

7. Visit a Zen monastery in Japan.

8. See the Great Wall of China.

9. Knit a complete scarf.

10. Try riverboarding.

11. Go white water rafting.

12. Visit Egypt and see the Great Pyramids

13. Become vegan for at least six months.

14. Watch the sunset in Hawaii.

15. Skydive.

16. Dive the Great Barrier Reef.

17. Get tattoos

18. Have a  photography show/exhibit

19. Go to a spa for a full day of pampering

20. Publish a number of my books.

21. Go on a safari in Africa

22. Learn to swing dance.

23. Experience natural hot springs.

24. Build a Marilyn Monroe photo collection

25. Watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s

26. Learn to Irish stepdance

27. Find out more of Auntie El’s life story.

28. Be an extra in a film.

29. Visit Yosemite and go rock climbing

30. Go hiking/camping/kayaking for a week

31. Shoot a wedding for a friend

32. Open up a cafe/bookstore

33. Read the Catcher in the Rye

34. Learn to speak Italian

35. Jump off a rock cliff in Greece

36. Go to all the major amusement parks in the U.S.

37. Run through a field of wildflowers in the mountains a la Sound of Music

38. Kiss B under a waterfall

39. Watch the birth of an animal

40. Go to the Eifel Tower with B

41. Run a marathon

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It reads:

Emerging from the clouds



Her own

Magic wand



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An old journal painting. Yes, the Bon Jovi song was the inspiration. I feel like this a lot, and I’ve been feeling it more lately. 🙂

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I made this yesterday. It reads:

Imagine wanting more and getting it

Simple, it’s possible.

Use your imagination

Let yourself glitter

Ask: Why not this moment?

Have fun out there.

Enjoy messy brilliance

Listen to the Signs

Live a colorful life

Receive gratefully

Live the dream in unexpected ways

Dream it.

Inspire laughter

Celebrate the power of Me.

Wisdom from magazine ads.

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A journal drawing of one of the small glass bottles I collect, filled with sea foam and ocean water that I used to try to sell when I was little.

As an only child, and a creative one at that, I lived in my head a lot. I was always having running dialogs, verbal or in my head, with people who were real and imagined. And many of those conversations were selling things.(what can i say, i like marketing!)

Growing up on the coast, I was always at the beach, playing in the water, playing in the sand. I found THE BEST INVENTION ever and I wanted to sell this magical creation. I would get my hands super dirty, all the while describing out loud what I was doing, showing off how dirty my hands were, and then I would use this magical sea foam, that got your hands so clean, it must have been magic.

I would be in the water by myself, talking out loud about the wonders of sea foam, this revolutionary cleaner.

Oddly, I never sold any…

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Some journal doodles and drawings. I have a whole stack of watercolor markers, which have a small marker tip on one end, and the other end acts more like a brush. Also with my journal supplies are gel pens in different colors, and some good black pens. Sometimes you just need color.


Pink snow



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