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For what has seemed like forever, Tim and I haven’t been able to go shopping and just buy whatever we felt like buying. Probably since before Christmas. And we both need stuff, and in particular, we both needed new shoes.

DSW just opened a store down in Lake Oswego, and we went on a shoe shopping spree. I got new running ‘neakers, which means I can finally finally start building up my mileage again. I’m looking forward to running without pain and actually enjoying running again. I bought two pairs of work shoes, and my first pair of casual shoes that I’ve had since we’ve been here, so now I don’t have to wear my running shoes or work shoes when we go out on the weekends. Tim got a pair of sketchers and a pair of doc martens. It felt so nice to just be able to buy them and not worry about it.


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‘fessing up

Ok. I admit it. I watch American Idol. Some of the contestants I like. Some I hate, like hick boy Bucky. But last night…they were all terrible…even my boy Chris wasn’t doing the great job he usually does. And Paula at least made a small amount of sense…where’s the fun in that? lol

ending confession now 🙂

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Started running again. Now, I’ve been running off and on, but it seems I am never able to do it really consistently, either because of stuff going on in life (moving, tim going back east, me going back east, etc.) Things have calmed down a bit, but I have been feeling squishy and like my pants aren’t fitting as nicely as I want them to, and the best way to fix that is to get back to running regularly.

One of the nice things about the East side is that it is so much flatter than the west side, so it is a lot easier on my knees. Along the river is a beautiful esplanade, a two mile loop. Right now I am still having a hard time with this distance, I can do it, but I feel I am struggling toward the end. But this will be a good way for me to see my progress.

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Met Amy downtown today to wander around Saturday Market. This is only the second time I’ve been there, and I think I either need to go alone or go with Tim. Reason…it is very hard to visit or try to talk to people or catch up while wandering around Sat. Mkt.

Saw some beautiful jewelry, some cool pottery and lamps I might like to get for the house, and lots and lots of dogs. While I think it is cool they can bring their dogs with them, that would obviously not be a good idea for Myra.

Then, we left the market looking for a coffee shop, and stumbled across the Chinese Garden. Truly an oasis in the middle of the city. Outside the walls, the area is a little sketchy, there are some homeless, and just an area that is a little more run down. Then you step inside the walls and it is like a breath of fresh air and calm. Wandering around, you feel peaceful. The buildings, the plants, the rock sculptures, it was just nice to wander around in there. I wish I had brought my camera. I can’t wait to bring Tim there. We stopped in at the teahouse, and I tried moon cakes, a pastry filled with a bean paste. Very good, very filling.

Walking around in the Chinese Garden really awakens my desire to go to China. I would love to see the countryside, see the little villages. A good goal to save for.

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What a lovely afternoon.

We went to check out a new doggy day care for the pup, and we were very impressed. We are taking Myra for her evaluation on Monday, and I’m sure they will love her. The nice part, they are open on Sundays, and they do boarding, so now we have a place right close by.

After that, we went to Bay Leaf, a vegetarian Asian restaurant. Beautiful inside, very relaxing, good food and cheap prices.

We were planning on going to Sellwood to go furniture shopping, but ended up stopping at Village Merchant, a great thrift store. I got a work skirt, a cute top, a scarf, an awesome snuggle blanket for the couch, a cool blue glass bottle and funky drinking glasses, all for only $42. The same family owns a new and used furniture store just down the street, which we will check out later. And all of this is within a five minute drive. It felt like such a Portland afternoon.

*Sidenote: On this one street, we must have come across at least 8 different coffee shops in a 40 block radius. Too funny.

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our new house and settling in
learning our neighborhood
the fact that it is Saturday and I can just hang with the boy and the pup
Listening to Chris Daughtry (American Idol singer). Love his voice. The fact that he is a sexy as hell bald guy doesn’t hurt either
our money situation. It is no longer tight and stressful
my new friends out here. It feels like we are more settled now that we have some friends
the fact that I can take a nap later

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so glad

I’m not new-dating. My friend Tawny came over for dinner last night (who keeps getting cooler the more I talk to her, she is definitely becoming a close friend) and was telling us the latest about the guy she is dating.

I am so glad to not be in that position, where everything is new, and you aren’t sure if you should call, or when to call, or if you say something weird are they going to think you are stupid, and does he really like me? While new dating can be fun, it can also be exhausting trying to navigate through all that! I will keep me boy whom i love more all the time, thank you! 🙂

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