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instant happy kelly

just add water, and lots of fruit and vegetables.

After a week of eating craptastically with my parents, Tim and I had big salads for dinner last night and tonight, with fruit for dessert. Plus my fruit smoothies. And a lot of water.

I feel MUCH better physically, less weighted down by all that sugar.



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happy puppy!

Very typical happy Myra. Rolling around on the rug, playing with baby.

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She’s been chewing on the baseboard near the front door, but we never actually catch her doing it, so we can’t tell her not to do it.

She got up this morning and I heard a crunching that didn’t sound like any of her toys. I ran out there and yelled loudly at her and thwacked her nose and dragged her away from that rug. I never yell at her, she made herself very small.

She immediately came back into the bedroom and was very sweet and apologetic to me. She wouldn’t leave my side for the rest of the morning. I think she got the point. And I think the fact that it was me who caught her and yelled at her will have more of an impact. She’s used to Tim yelling at her or disciplining her.

But poor little girl. I told her we are still friends and I still love her 🙂

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Have “lost” several of my new Portland friends, specifically Tawny and Amy. But, I am becoming friends with Lisa from work, and Toni’s friend Celena. They both fit my new friend criteria of not being downers and not needing me to fix their lives, whereas Tawny fit into both of those.

They are much more fun to hang out with. It’s amazing what a difference attitude can make.

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I called Curiosity today to make sure they had received my resume, and maybe get an idea if they meant to call me wink wink.

The girl said they had already started doing mini interviews and were going to decide who they wanted in for real interviews this week. She said if I hadn’t heard, then that probably meant I wasn’t one of the ones getting called in for an interview.

But…then she said that I was in the first tier of candidates they considered and if things didn’t work out with the others, they would look at the resumes again. I feel like she wouldn’t have said that if it wasn’t true.

I’m kind of cool with that. Mostly. They had said they wanted 3-5 years MINIMUM as a senior writer, and at most, I have two. But I read that as they liked my cover letter, and liked my work samples, but had a lot of people with more experience apply, and that is cool.

It also means that if they are serious about the type of person they want in there, they might call me anyway. That’s not to sound egotistical, but I know marketing types. And not a lot of senior writers necessarily fit what they seem to be looking for (playful, interested in helping to develop kid/adult creativity through play and learning, interested in creating more “personal marketing,” and not stuff tailored for mass audiences).

I won’t hold my breath for it, but I’m at least flattered they considered me a first tier candidate, because I am clearly up against much senior writers.

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The end of the opening events! The public open house for the new hospital was today, so no more days spent running around the hospital, making signs, working on a sunday (although today wasn’t too bad). Even though I feel fine, I already wrote to Trish and Danielle that I am taking a sick day tomorrow. Really, it is more of a mental health day, because I don’t think I am quite ready to see them all again.

So, is it a good thing or a bad thing that work will return to relative normalcy? Don’t know….

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at the end of a long week, the sun came out over the river and we watched Tall Ships sail at sunset as we walked along the river, and I felt good again. Sometimes it really is the simple things that are the most important and that help the most.

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