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A happy puppy

Myra Wonderpup was looking at my blog recently (she is only allowed on the Internet with Mama supervision, and she loves to see my blog) and was very sad to see that there haven’t been any posts about her lately. And I agree, it has been far too long since the puppy has been spotlighted here. She is, after all, the Wonderpup.

Some happy puppy pics from this weekend:


She loves soccer balls


She is super fast, usually the fastest pup on the field, at least when it comes to balls




Life pretty much doesn’t get much better than this for a pup…


unless you are doing this!


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Myra, Superdiva


Myra is not Myra WonderPup for no particular reason. Oh no. She has earned this nickname, with her superpower of making everyone fall in love with her.

Psshaw, you might say. Everyone thinks their dogs are all that and a bag of chips, but some dogs are just not worth the hype.

Not Myra.

For most of her life, she has attended dog daycare. And even though the staff at the daycare places work with dogs all day every day, Myra has always stood out. They always fuss over her more and make a point of gushing over her.

In Portland, Toni would come out and start talking to Myra and give her hugs and kisses, and I would often stay there well after I dropped Myra off, and she wouldn’t do that with other dogs. She bought Myra a present when we were moving. The owner always told us that she was one of the few dogs they would never say no to (say if we had to switch her daycare day at the last minute) because she was so good and didn’t require extra work. She never fights or gets belligerent, she always plays nicely with the other dogs, and she does what you ask her to.

Here in Durham, this is still true. They always gush over her, over how most dogs when you call them by name act like they have no idea who you are talking to. Myra always comes running. Or they make a point of saying how sweet she is, how much they love her.

Except now, all this attention and love seems to have gone to her head. She now has a bit of a Diva attitude. The girl yesterday told me how Myra will not let her come back in the dog play area without saying hello to her. Apparently, Myra will stare at her and follow her around and bark once in awhile, all trying to get the woman to say hello. As soon as the woman kneels down and gives Myra a hug and lets Myra gives her kisses, Myra will go off to play. It’s all about her, I guess!

So now she is Myra WonderPup SuperDiva.

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I know I am biased, but I really do think she is the sweetest, happiest and prettiest pup.

Myra got an early Christmas present on Saturday — a new soccer ball. She absolutely adored it. She would chase it way longer than she chases her other balls. She would beg to go out so she could go play with it some more. She is a great goalie, although technically she guards the ball so it is hard to get a shot past her. If I wasn’t playing with her, she would just go outside and wag at her ball, hoping it would start magically playing with her. And then, tragedy. There is an open crawl space under the house. The ball ended up underneath the house, pretty much exactly where we can’t reach it without crawling under the house to retrieve it. I have never heard such sad puppy squeaks as when her ball went under the house and wasn’t coming back out. She kept racing back and forth between two sides of the house, peering under and squeaking for her ball. She has never tried to go under the house, but she looked like she wanted to. So very sad. We will be buying her a new soccer ball, but for now, it is good she has a short memory and lots of new toys!

Giving Myra toys is always fun. She always knows when there is something for her, and she has never once ever tried to go after something that wasn’t hers. But normally, she only gets one new thing at a time, and she will run off and play with it. For Christmas, we buy the big, pre-made stocking from PetCo with about 10 toys in it. She first tries to play with everything, then settles on laying on top of her new toy pile and chewing on her favorite (for the moment). I love this picture of her in her toy hoard.

For me, cinnamon buns are a Christmas tradition, and fortunately, KinnikKinnick makes Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free cinnamon buns. And naturally Myra got a little taste of Christmas buns as well. She’s already been out to play with her new tennis balls and will probably get to go for a walk soon.

It’s good to be a puppy!

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The street leading to my beach


My favorite fence on the street, and I loved there were still roses, even in November.


A pretty bit of color


She Hangs Brightly and her pup Teygan


Myra meeting the ocean for the first time, with my Boy 🙂

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We drove up to Mass for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I can say this pretty easily — we won’t be doing that drive anytime soon. In fact, we probably won’t do that drive again if we can help it.

The good parts of the trip:

Myra. We brought the WonderPup up with us, and she was an angel. She amazes me by how wonderful she is, even when she doesn’t have any reason to be. More on the pup when I get to the puppy section.

My mom. She went out of her way to make sure I had gluten-free, dairy-free food and goodies. Putting together a thanksgiving dinner is a lot of work anyway, but then add in making things in duplicate and triplicate to accommodate food allergies, and it becomes an ordeal. But my mom never complained about having to make extra food, and it was so nice and appreciated to be able to eat what everyone else was eating. She even made GF DF versions of her pumpkin bread and apple pie that I love. It made it Thanksgiving.

Seeing She Hangs Brightly and Bryan and the pups.  I miss her horribly and getting to spend a night just talking and watching the pups play was worth the trip.

The Bad parts of the trip:  

The Drive. We left around 2 p.m. on Tuesday. Got to my parents house around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday. Didn’t stop, so I was awake for about 24 hours straight. We wanted to leave before Wednesday, thinking there would be worse traffic then. But we hit rush hour traffic in Richmond, Virginia, horrible backups in D.C. and along the Maryland beltway — apparently, they are doing road construction, and they have lanes closed, just because they are storing their equipment there. And then there was the George Washington Bridge. I was so stressed, thank Dog Tim was driving for that leg. Lots of tractor trailer trucks, cutting each other off, not noticing or seeing us, 16 lanes of traffic merging down to one. On a bridge. On a bridge that sways and groans.  Terrifying.

The sleep, or lack of sleep. It’s hard to not sleep on your own bed, and there was construction outside my parents house that I heard all Wednesday when we were trying to sleep. And because we were sleeping in the basement and I am a very light sleeper, I heard my parents every time they got up to go to the bathroom or when they got up for the day, so I only slept in spurts.

When we drove back home, it still took about 15 hours, even though we only really hit traffic in Maryland, and we avoided the George Washington Bridge entirely. And being Gluten-free, dairy-free means it is really hard for me to eat safely while on the road. I ended up getting sick, possibly from cross-contamination at Thanksgiving. Using someone’s knife who had used butter could do it.  It will take probably till Wednesday for my system to completely reset.

The puppy:  

Myra is such an amazingly good dog. Not only does she handle long car rides exceptionally well, but she just always remains happy. She didn’t sleep well on the drive up, because of the stop and go traffic, but she didn’t whine or squeak, and she would listen when we would ask her to sit or lay down.

She has never been in anyone else’s house, but she adjusted to that quickly and easily. She did whatever was asked of her. She would watch my mom cook in the kitchen, but she wouldn’t beg for food, and she would never dream of trying to steal food.

She met more people in a house setting than she ever has, and even though she was overwhelmed at times, she still listened really well, and would settle down when we asked her to.

We took her to the beach down the street from my parents house. It was her first time ever seeing the ocean, first time ever seeing water bigger than a puddle. She was just about the cutest, happiest dog on the planet. There was no one on the beach, and we left her off her leash and she just ran and ran. She would get about 50 feet ahead of us, then turn to look for us and wait for us to catch up. When she finally discovered the water, she just charged in and was playing in the waves and romping around. We would throw rocks in the water for her, and she would get so confused because she couldn’t find what she was looking for.

When we took her up to meet Loki and Teygan (She Hangs Brightly’s dogs), she was so cute and flirty. She would keep rolling around on her belly for them, she would go up and give kisses or sit and paw at their faces to get them to play with her. She had lots of people to throw balls for her, and she was just thrilled about that. She is an amazingly happy dog, and I love her with my whole being and then more.

I think there were more good things than bad things, but man, the bad things were pretty rough. Actual thanksgiving was nice, but it isn’t worth the hassle to try and drive up again, and I don’t really want to fly on the busiest travel holiday. We shall see what happens next year, but I am guessing it will involve just me and Tim and MyraPup at our house, quiet and mellow.

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MyraWonderPup, happy in her yard


My pup is so pretty


Berries in my neighborhood





A self-portrait in our hall mirror

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Sam and Myra in the window, watching the sun come up

Shot from my MacBook’s photobooth 

Sitting on my couch


Myra, Sam and I watching the world get lighter

Sam is sleepy

Myra is sitting, still as stone in front of the window

Cat pjs and cozy socks

sound of me typing and the house breathing, now and then birds saying hello

A quiet, calm, perfect moment on a Friday morning

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