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I feel like things have become a chess game…do I move to the side? Do I try to move forward even though the path seems blocked? If I stay where I am, the game will crush me, defeat me.


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owl eyes…

are watching  youuuuu (to the tune of Private Eyes)


A telephone pole in my neighborhood.

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The guards to the Unicorn’s Lair seem inattentive

The sign points the way toward the Unicorn’s lair, and at first glance, everything seems still and quiet. In fact, the only signs of life are the two small cats, one with her back steadfastly turned away, and one who appears to be asleep, curled into a ball, dreaming cat dreams.

But things are so rarely what they seem. The two cats? They have been assigned to guard the sacred entrance because of their sensitive hearing and beyond-natural reflexes. They could hear the slightest rustle or twig cracking from all across the glen, and they could appear at your side faster than the time it takes you to blink. And like most things in the Unicorn’s lair, they have an air of magic about them. They generally prefer the form of house cats, but they can grow to more than 20 times the size you see here, if the situation demands it.

But the cats are not the only guards protecting the Unicorn and her home.

The tree stump is actually a wood fairy, although he awakens only when there is a dire need for him, or if there is a celebration going on somewhere in the glen. Wood fairies do enjoy a good party. The trees that surround the glen can come to life to help defend their Unicorn mistress, although they usually prefer to let the cats handle most disturbances. But the trees have the added ability of looking past your heart, into your soul, and they see your true motivations and your true self. There is no deceiving your intentions when the trees gaze upon you, there is no pleading for a chance to explain or saying that there was a misunderstanding. They see to the core of things, and only the pure of the heart, those who are still open to the magic and light of the universe, only they are allowed into the Unicorn’s most sacred space.

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She strides along in front of me

a tall, lean, string bean of a thing

her shadow hair in a fluffy triangle about her head

bouncing along with each jaunty step

with her monster-sized dog trotting beside

off to conquer worlds

off on shadow adventures

My shadow girl

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One day you’ll find that I have gone. But tomorrow may rain, so I’ll follow the sun. 

Spring makes me happy. This morning, I was driving into work, looking all around at the flowers and flowering trees and pretty colors and great light (and bemoaning the fact that I was already running late to work because the light was so perfect, and I had my camera with me and I wanted to capture some of the lovely springiness.) But — I will do that tonight on my way home! I feel like my fingers are itching to shoot, everywhere I look I see beauty and new life and I just need to dig into it and capture it.

And I decided last night that for the next week, I am going to take my camera out with me every night when I walk MyraWonderPup and capture the changes day to day. And maybe taking my camera out everyday will make shooting a habit, since I am constantly thinking in photographs anyway and wishing I had my camera with me.

Of course, walking with an enthusiastic 80 lb dog doesn’t leave me a lot of time to shoot, but it will be “shoot on the fly” shots! Would you like to play and capture the daily changes that spring brings? I would love to see!

I feel like I have been quietly building a creativity reservoir, that is ready to overflow. I have words and images and photos dancing in my head, all eager to be born into the world, and I’m eager to play!

Isn’t spring energy magical??

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The sticker on the banana said, “Place sticker on forehead. Smile.” Chiquita

I don’t know about you, but I usually do what fruit tells me to do.

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Gangster Elf hat with straight bed hair

Fleece jacket

Bright pink fleece jammy bottoms with black cats on them

And though you can’t see, brown mary jane crocs.

This is how I just took MyraWonderPup for a run/walk. That’s right, I’m wicked cool 😀

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