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The sign says B and K’s 1st Christmas — our tree in NC


The ornament I painted for us


B — the holiday version


Christmas at my parents’ house in Mass. (My shirt is Life is Good, with the person making snow angels! 🙂 )


We got a white Christmas while we were up there, it started snowing Friday and didn’t stop till Sunday. It was pretty, but I was happy to return to nicer temps in NC!


The view from my parents’ porch




A little magic, in the form of a star tree!


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The ring!



The ring was custom made for me in Dublin, Ireland (perfect for an Irish girl!). It had to be custom made because I have such teeny tiny fingers, my ring size is a full size smaller than the smallest they have on stock.

These pictures don’t show it well, but it has the Celtic trinity knot (mind, body, spirit) on the sides of the band. I love it and keep holding out my hand to admire it. 🙂

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The prompt over at Sunday Scribblings this week is “I Believe” and I just had to play along. I love writing out things that I believe.

I believe in sea goddesses and mermaids who play with dolphins

I believe in the healing power of the sea.

I believe in magic, and I believe magic is all around us, if you just open yourself to it.

I believe in the power of positive visualizations.

I believe in the power of karma.

I believe in love. I believe love is its own kind of magic, the most powerful kind. And I believe in love that can last through time and space and ages. I believe God, whatever he/she/it is, is pure love, magnified.

I believe in following your dreams. Especially if they scare you.

I believe you have to work hard for what you want in this life, but if you work hard and follow  your dreams, and live true to your heart, you will find what you are looking for, and you will find more than you ever expected to find.

I believe adults need to listen to the wisdom of children, and not discount it because they are children.

I believe the Universe will help you manifest what you want in your life, if you really believe in what you put out there.

I believe that we are here to shine, in our own unique way. I believe it is the true purpose of living — to learn how to let your light shine, and not block it or hide it or put it away.

I believe I am here to write beautiful stories, capture beautiful slices of life through photography, and I believe I am here to help others play.

I believe in fairies.

I believe that despite all the craziness in the world, I believe more and more people are beginning to shine their lights and this gives me hope.

I believe you need to have a sense of wonder about the world — about clouds, about trees, about natural miracles, about everything you see and even more that you don’t.

I believe you need to take risks, and push yourself in new directions, in all areas of your life.

I believe in dancing in the rain and walking barefoot on the beach whenever possible.

I believe in the healing power of art and of putting colors onto paper.

I believe I have many adventures waiting for me. I believe I will meet some of you on these adventures!

I believe in making people smile.

I believe animals can teach people a lot about love.

I believe in making wishes.

I believe in potential. Mine. Yours.

I believe in letting people know you love them, as often as possible.

I believe I would love to know what you believe!

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I caught a falling star

I’ve been having lots of nightmares lately, a good sign that I have been ignoring my creativity for too long.

But amidst the nightmares, I’ve had some cool, lovely dreams as well, including one where I caught a falling star. As it has already burned through the atmosphere, I only caught a handful of star dust, that sparkled in the palm of my hand, and was star shaped.

I think the scene is actually part of Staphira’s story — The StarMaker’s Daughter

She keeps coming to me in my dreams. I think she really wants her story told. I will have to help her with that.

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I said yes

I just got back from Christmas travels to see my parents, and along the way, I got engaged 🙂

B took me down to my beach, probably my favorite place in the world, the place that always feels like home. We were both bundled up, as the sky was preparing a nasty snow storm. We started walking down the path to the beach and B grabbed a hip-sized stick that he found.

It was low tide, and we walked out to a little sand bar island. He then began drawing in the sand — two lines representing our lives before we met, a line of memories from our first time together in college, two separate lines for when we went our separate ways, with a third line running in between them, because soul mates are always connected. That line included memories in B’s life, including when he told his brother and best friend that he had lost the person he was meant to spend his life with.

Then the two lines joined back together, and from that came one line that included memories of our time together this time. Then he had me look out over the ocean, as all the possibilities that lie in front of us, and then he drew one more line, representing now, and he got down there on one knee and pulled out a beautiful perfect ring, custom made in Ireland for me.

It was beautiful, and perfect, and perfect for both of us.

I said yes, quite a lot actually, and then we both hurried home, as we were rapidly losing feeling in our fingers and ears.

And yes…I keep staring at the ring on my finger. I love it, but even more, I love what it represents.

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The universe does listen and respond to positive visualizations that you put out there.

B and I had my credit union look over our credit scores/reports and see if we could pre-qualify for a home loan. We were both very nervous about it, trying to look at it as if they said no, it would just give us information on what we would need to work on to get qualified. But at the same time, we were both visualizing getting a yes, and I spent a lot of time visualizing us in our own house.

And it worked! We are going to be home owners! And because it is through a credit union and they will own the loan, and we met their criteria, the loan is certain. And we don’t have to pay any down payment. And we don’t have to pay any PMI.

We were actually qualified for a lot more than we actually want in a house, but there are a lot of nice houses in the range that we are very comfortable paying.

I am so excited to start looking for a home with B, we are going to start after we get back from Massachusetts visiting my family for Christmas.

A house where I can hang anything I want. A house where I can paint the walls and live with color like I so very much want. A house I won’t have to ask permission to do anything. And a home where B and I can start building our life together.

Thank you, Universe.

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Helloooooo out there!

I do realize I disappeared again (thanks for checking on me Jess!), but things over here in Flying Mermaid land have been flying right along, with a lot of good things to update you on!

B’s brother Aaron flew in Thanksgiving morning from his home in Seattle to surprise B. Aaron and I had been planning it for about a month, and Mik helped me come up with a plan on how to get Aaron into the house without B seeing him (it involved an elaborate scheme of telling B I was going for an early trail run on Thanksgiving morning, and me coming home, holding my eye, asking B to come look at it, because I fell and thought I scratched it on my run. B was convinced we were going to spend our first Thanksgiving at the hospital. Naturally, all this was a ruse to get Aaron into the house and on sitting on the couch before B saw him). B was completely, utterly surprised, and we had a really great three days of visiting with Aaron. I had met Aaron once briefly when B and I dated in college, but it was really nice to get to know my future brother-in-law.

Which brings me to update 2: B and I are getting married on May 23, 2009 🙂 (Disclaimer, technically, we aren’t officially engaged yet, as B hasn’t proposed yet; my mom keeps insisting we are doing things backwards, to which I reply that I have never been the traditional sort!). We knew almost immediately when we came back together again that we would be getting married. We wanted to get married on the beach, and even though we are here and all of our family is not, we decided it would be easier to get married down here. We found a wedding officiant and photographer (who is totally perfect for us) and he is available on May 23! I am actually sending in the paperwork and deposit tomorrow. I am so excited. It’s going to be a small, teeny tiny itty bitty wedding, we’ll be barefoot on the beach, which I think is just about perfect. And then we are going to Belize for a honeymoon! Wheeeeeeeeee! Now I have to start saving up the money we are going to need!

Other than that, there has been a lot of sickness going around down here, and poor Mik has been unwell for about a week now. I had a few days skating around the edge of it, but thanks to lots of Acai juice, coconut water and lots and lots of water, I skirted past it (and am once again grateful for a good immune system!!)

We are heading north next week for Christmas with the Flying Mermaid family, I am very much looking forward to seeing my family, and having B spend his first holiday with us. Of course, this means that I now have just a week to get all my Christmas shopping done for my parents. And, um, I haven’t started yet.

I haven’t picked up my camera in a long time, I haven’t done any writing or painting in a while, but I’m going to start picking those all up again. Maybe I’ll even play in December Views for a few days. I also have the idea for a small, on the side business of reviewing/editing/helping to improve resumes, and one possible service would be consulting with people who are interested in changing fields and helping them highlight transferable skills that would make them an asset for a new kind of position. This is something I have a lot of experience with, and something I know I am very good at. And the extra money will certainly be nice, not to mention the fact that I like this kind of work.

And that is the Flying Mermaid life at this moment!

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