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Tim has been doing the same job for a long time. The work is boring. There hasn’t been any growth for him. But he didn’t know what else to do.

He was in school for a while, working to finish his degree in art history. Kept running into problems (I think there’s a reason for that now!). He was still stuck. He couldn’t find any other jobs that really fit his skill set. He knew he had knowledge about a lot of different things but didn’t know enough to specialize in one, and most job listings he was finding wanted a focus in one area. He didn’t know if he should take classes in one of those areas. But he stayed stuck, partly because he wasn’t interested in any of these areas, particularly.

We were talking tonight, and we started out listing out possible jobs that he would be interested in. Things started going in a good direction and then all of a sudden we started talking about the Web and new Web-based technologies (blogs, podcasts, videopodcasts, wikis, etc). And how marketing is changing because consumers are changing. And how marketing needs to be more targeted, and needs to better match the consumers and how they are using technology.

And then *click* *click* *click* Things started to get really clear. We started talking about consulting. About T using all of his interests, and all of skills, that no job currently makes use of. Using those to help businesses make better Web sites. *click* *click* *click*. We immediately started coming up with a plan of attack. What would he need to do first, what classes would he need to take to boost up his knowledge base. And *click* HCPro, the company he works for, is starting to go in a new direction, with podcasts, with search engine optimization. *click* He can finally use his company, and use them to build up his knowledge and skills.

We are now thinking and planning for him to open up his own consulting business, and we know it will take at least a year before he is ready for it, but it is SOOO clear. The potential is awesome. This is the first time he has been truly excited about a career direction. And it is something that people aren’t really doing yet.

I feel like the pieces have been hanging in the air for a long time but all of a sudden, something went *click* in a big way and the pieces finally came together to show the picture that has been there all along. It feels so right, and I know we can work to make this happen.

*click* Holy Shit. This is HUGE.


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soo proud of us

our savings is looking so good. After moving in March, we have a really good cushion set aside. A nice healthy amount in short term savings, that can be used for emergencies, for trips, or for stuff we need. A really good amount in long term savings (saving toward a house!!). Just started an “extra” savings account for money that is left over at the end of the week. And now that our savings are both at good places, I can start buying some CDs for longer term savings. (Buy a six-month cd, then transfer that to a 9 or 12 month one with a higher interest rate and buy a new six month cd at the same time.)

My parents financial situation scares the hell out of me, because they weren’t smart, they didn’t save for the future and now they really don’t have any money set aside. I am so glad we have learned how to change our relationship with money. I am so proud of us for all the work we did to get here!!

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face is much better

I finally slept yesterday. I took some Benadryl, and I don’t know if it made me tired (it usually doesn’t) or if because I was finally not itchy, I could actually sleep. I slept for four hours when I got home, had some cereal for dinner, then went back to sleep. I feel well rested for the first time in days.

My face is a lot less puffy, my eyes are less red. My lips are still all messed up and don’t seem to be getting better, not sure how to fix them at this point, nothing seems to be helping. But for now I’ll settle for being less puffy and itchy.

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Called out sick yesterday with sun poisoning, I haven’t had it that bad in a long time. Last night I barely slept because I was so itchy, all over. And I have Franken-lips, they are so badly chapped, they just hurt.

Tim said I looked like a heroin addict when I got up yesterday. We took some pictures to show the dermatologist, and they look like mug shots. 😦

Kelly was arrested yesterday afternoon….

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elementary my dear!

We finally went to the Kennedy School last night, which is one of the converted McMenamin Pubs. They took an old elementary school and turned it into a theater, restaurant, and hotel. It’s a really cool building, and you can definitely tell it is an old school. Apparently the detention room is a bar, the hotel rooms have chalkboards still in them. And they have a heated mineral sitting pool (too shallow and narrow to swim, you just sit and soak) outside, that is open all year. I know I will be making some trips there this winter!

The more I learn about Portland, the more I really love it. There are so many cool things to do here.

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My coworkers totally surprised me, in a really nice way.

They usually chip in and get a nice birthday present for whoever is having a birthday, and they didn’t for me (or so I thought) and I was ok with that. They all wished me a happy birthday and that’s all I really need anyway.

Then we were told to come down to our boss’ office for an emergency meeting. Since boss had been complaining about some higher-ups, this made sense.

But I got down there, and my other coworkers were already there and they sang to me and got me pressies and cake. A really cool bracelet that came in an elephant puzzle box, a fabulously funky purse that I just love, and a cool little candle holder. And really yummy cake.

It was just so sweet 🙂

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stolen from mik

1. Cigarettes: Never ever

2. Sex: With Tim, hell yeah!

3. Relationships: Worth the work and time

4. Your Last Ex: Shudder.

5. Power rangers: Very silly

6. Marijuana: Never ever

7. Crack: Never times 50

8. Food: Fresh vegetarian food, italian, fruit

9. This President: It can’t be 2008 fast enough

10. War: Unnecessary and doesn’t solve anything

11. Cars: I think there are too many of them

12. Gas Prices: Way too high.

13. Halloween: Eh. Take it or leave it.

14. Bon Jovi: Hell freakin yeah!!!

15. Religion: Not for me

16. MySpace: Too busy

17. Worst Fear: I have a few.

18. Marriage: Most likely

19. Fashion: Jeans and sandals

20. Brunettes: Rachel McAdams

21. redheads: Rule!!

22: Work: A good paycheck, not soul thrilling though

23: Pass the time: Reading, writing, being outside.

24. One night stands: Not for me

25. cellphones: Irritating but necessary sometimes

26: Pet Peeves: Stupid people (no common sense people).

27: Pixie Stixx: Wayy too much sugar

28: Vanilla Ice Cream: Sure, a little soupy please

29: Porta Potties: Ugh. I’d rather hold it for a few hours.

30: High school: So very insecure

31: Pajamas: Purr. Comfy.

32. Wood: ?

33. Surfers: Totally righteous duude

34. Pictures: Love taking pics

35. First True Love: Sweet

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