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How very Seattle of you

Seattle series, Part 3

Just little snippets of life that seem to be typically Seattle

Because you should be able to get coffee no matter what kind of store you are in

All around Capitol Hill, there are little dance patterns, showing you the footsteps for some of the traditional dances. Because even waiting on the sidewalk can be an opportunity to learn something and try something creative and new.

You just would not see this in Durham.

Even the neighborhood library is artistic and interesting looking

Using rocks to create art and beauty. Everything can be turned into art out there. Love it.

Why wear a normal hat when you can wear one like this? πŸ™‚

So in love with this little girl. Bright coat. Fun scarf, big tall rain boots. Yes!



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For the love of light

Seattle, Part 2: Fun light fixtures, fun statues and interior art

I so completely love this shot, and loved the coffee shop it was in. They were playing super happy music, and the cafe workers were all singing along as if it was the most important thing they had to do that day. My kind of place.

Same coffee shop, a tree with blue glass bottles. I love how it looks like a painting, a little out of focus but still fun


Brother Aaron’s light and red wall. Just loved the colors, shapes, the kind of abstract feel.

One of my favorite statues, I think. Sure, I could get allΒ  deep about the rich man who owns the world, and how he doesn’t even notice the men beneath him holding him up…but really…I like him because he’s cute. That’s as deep as I get sometimes πŸ™‚

Big, proud moving girl statue = LOVE πŸ™‚

It’s like a big giant ice cream light fixture. Maybe for the giant girl above.

I am a total glass ho. Love love love glass. This window display is happiness.

I wonder what he thinks about? He looks like he is contemplating something

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Signs of Seattle

We just got back from five days visiting B’s brother in Seattle. It was my first time in the city, and I really loved it. We walked around a ton while we were there, something I miss living in Durham. You can walk around your neighborhood, but unless you live downtown, there isn’t really any destination walking. or going for a lot of photo walks. And even downtown, you walk for maybe 45 minutes, you will see pretty much all there is to see. We wandered for hours and didn’t even come close to scratching the surface. I love walking around a city with my camera, it is such a good way to really see the city, especially the parts that can be overlooked easily.

I love shooting signs. I find them fascinating, and you can get a good flavor for an area based on the signs you find.

I am going to break my Seattle adventure into a few different blog posts, starting with signs that caught my eye.

Yes they are, so much so that I want to do it as my job.

Seattle is a big foodie city. And even better, it is a city where it is relatively easy to feed a gluten-free, dairy-free, more vegetarian than not girl.

Shot with the 35mm lens, no flash. I love the lighting. But yeah, I also love the sign that says Rub Me.

Ha! I just liked this, although I admit I don’t know…are regular utensils designed for right-hand use? Most of what I have doesn’t seem to specific to one hand or the other.

Down below Pike’s Place.

Congratulations? This would never have been something I would have thought to aspire to.

What can I say? I thought it was funny and witty. And the other side reads Happy Spanksgiving. Ha!

Absolutely. What’s the point if you don’t?

If I were in Seattle, this would be my coffee shop. It looks like a coffee shop for spies. I would go in every time with my finger gun and walking all spy-like to the music from Mission Impossible. It might even be required to do that.

Other than “very carefully,” you have to admit you are curious.

I always do, Mr. Sign. I always do.

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Finding happiness

“It’s gonna be alright, no matter what they say, gonna be a good day, just wait and see”

Things I am loving, things that are making me happy, things that I am looking forward to, in no particular order

SEATTLE! Next Monday morning, we get on a few planes (3 to be exact) to spend Thanksgiving week with big brother Aaron. I’ve never been to Seattle, can’t wait to explore a gorgeous city I’ve always wanted to see, get to spend five days with Husband and Brother Aaron. We are going to go to the Seattle Aquarium, and my camera will be working overtime next week, I’m sure!

ShutterCal – I am LOVING playing with my camera every day, and making shooting a habit. This morning, the fog was thick, the world was quiet and I got some great mysterious fog shots (to be posted later today or tomorrow).

For Your Entertainment, the new Adam Lambert single, ohhhmydoggg so incredibly fun to listen to, especially if you crank it in the car.

Bright colored polymer clay beads

Pinups, especially redhead pinups

Swoony color beads

Ferocious monsters (note, not really ferocious)

Too cute for words accessories

Brave, dear souls who set off onto bold new adventures of their creation

Pumpkin smoothies, yerba mate chocolatte lattes with almond milk,Β  raw vegan chocolate pudding, plain, with pomegranates, or mixed in a smoothie


What are some things that are making you happy, things you are looking forward to?





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I feel like things have become a chess game…do I move to the side? Do I try to move forward even though the path seems blocked? If I stay where I am, the game will crush me, defeat me.

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Where fairies dwell


In the misty morning light


Among fields of white fluffy sproutlings


In little nooks and crannies in moss and lichen covered roots


In leaves that catch and hold onto sunshine


Where do you find fairies and magic?

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