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Some photos from my recent engagement session with my good friend Eva and her fiance Tim. I will be shooting their wedding in October, and I am so honored and excited! Pictures were all taken at this great little park practically across from our downtown Durham, NC office.




It was actually their idea to do a gum-kissing shot but I love how it came out.



You can see the full session over at flyingmermaid.zenfolio.com under Engagements.


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Mr. and Mrs. Flying Mermaid!!






The day was perfect and magical and filled with lots of laughter and dancing on the beach. I couldn’t be happier.

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B’s wedding ring came in yesterday. It fits perfectly, and looks incredible on his hand. Very him. I love seeing it on him.


We bought a dining room table today, so now all of the rooms will be complete, furniture-wise. It will be delivered next weekend, and it is perfect for us. Not formal, a great place to gather and have dinner with friends or family, play games, talk and laugh.


Getting to talk to my wonderful friend RM today, on her first mother’s day 🙂


Standing out in the backyard, rubbing my puppy’s belly, while she rolled around in the grass and sunshine.


Read Coraline by Neil Gaiman. Very creepy, but a really fun read, great lead character, and completely engaging.

I’ve been feeling very blah and frustrated and rather disgruntled today, so it was good to do this, stop and reflect on the moments of joy and light and fun this weekend.

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My soon-to-be husband (less than two weeks!) and my WonderPup. I love how they both have the same expression on their face.

More photos? Really? Do I gotta?

do I have to

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My wreck journal, under the glass surface of my coffee table


Mission: Write one word over and over. I chose love.


Some details — love is the key. Love is the gift. Love outside the box. LOVE!!


Love sticks out its tongue. Love front and backwards

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I am currently reading Gods Behaving Badly, courtesy of a great review from Library Girl Reads (Thanks Angela!) A fun, entertaining read, and makes me remember how much I was fascinated by Greek mythology.

I am also halfway through The Riddle, the second book in the Pellinor series. I put it down to read Gods Behaving Badly, but I can’t wait to get back to this. A really great fantasy series, with a strong female lead, who is trying to find out who she is, and trying to do the right thing, while doubting that she is really the one who can save her people.

B got me Wreck this Journal (check out the customer images, they are awesome!) for Valentine’s Day, and can I say how much fun this journal is?? I am admittedly a journal whore. I love new journals. I stand in bookstores and look at all the new journals with lust and longing. And I can very much suffer from the journal perfection — it is so lovely and beautiful when I get it, I don’t want to Wreck it by using it! I feel intimidated by its newness, by all the blank pages. But this journal will have none of that, thank you very much. I have dipped my pen in coffee and ended up drawing the coffee genie, who was still sleepy and not granting wishes yet, I traced my hand and drew in my lovely engagement ring that I still love to look at all the time, I burned off a corner of a page, drew an ice cream cone by dipping my pen cap in my coconut milk vanilla ice cream (lovely after a dinner of potatoes and roasted veggies). I ignored the directions entirely on a page that said to leave it blank on purpose. I drew a scene or two from our upcoming honeymoon, specifically a sea turtle that I want to meet and a lovely hammock that I want to lay in. I colored outside the lines, and wrote a message that color doesn’t have to be contained. It is wonderful fun. I highly recommend it.

Some new music, I recently downloaded Dusty in Memphis from iTunes. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I only really knew Son of a Preacher man, but I am so swoony about her voice and songs now. This album is great to listen to while you are making dinner.

For long, happy mermaid soaks in my tub, I am loving the Jasmine Vanilla and Black Currant Vanilla aromatherapy body washes from Bath and Body Works Sensuality line. Pour some in, light a candle, breathe in and just enjoy the delightful smells.

What are you listening to, reading, loving?

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My desk is my favorite spot in the house, because I am surrounded by color and magic and art and things that I love. Thought I would share my magic spot with you 🙂


Overview of my desk area


One corner of my desk. I have visited Paris several times, and don’t love the city like many do, but I love art of Paris, especially if it also looks like old postcards!


A Wall-E sticker and Ariel button, given to me by Mik. They are two of my favorite Disney characters. And two rocks that B gave me, from a walk he took while we were still living apart and worried that the distance would make me doubt our future.


A shell I found at Topsail Island, and small bottles. I adore small cute things, and I love blue glass, and glass bottles.


If you squeeze this fish, his eyes bug out and it always cracks me up.


I am a July baby, my mom got her for my birthday one year, I love the art


The Blue Fairy Queen, sitting on a bubble


An Irish Fairy I got for Christmas, she’s holding a four-leaf clover


A rose made of a palmetto frond, that B bought for me in Wilmington, and more glass bottles.


Emma, my first cat


A warrior fairy queen. She declined to be photographed clearly.


Elephants given to me by Mik, the one on the right is Horton. I love Ellies, and they are also for Elu, my Invisible Elephant who has her own story that I am writing.


The WonderPup, against a snowy background, the first and only time in her life she has seen snow, and another bottle.


Fridge, the baby polar bear B bought for me when I said I wanted a baby polar bear. I meant a really live baby polar bear, but I love Fridge (and yeah, um, I don’t really dust)


Some of my art, and some inspirational wall hangings


Another fairy queen and a mermaid


I met her at a craft fair, and immediately fell in love with her confidence and grace


The fairy who dances from my light


A picture of my parents and more bottles


Another little fairy.


Various journals of mine


Glue and glitter and some inspirational words cut from a magazine, waiting for my next creative project

Thanks for touring my space with me!

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