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The past month, and longer, I’ve not been myself, trapped in being unwell, with no energy left for anything I normally do. The fog is lifting, sun is breaking up the shadows and I am feeling much more like my usual mermaid self.

Some recent-ish photos that I love, and that make me feel happy, just because. Small slices of happiness are worth sharing! And the story of what’s been going on with me will be coming soon. It’s nice to feel I’m coming out the other side of it now.



Spiderwebs and glowing light. Nature’s art.



I adore old books!


This was actually set up for a photo shoot I was working on with Husband, he was doing an interview and thought he wanted the chair. I just loved this shot I took as I was setting up. No reason. It just spoke to me.



playing around, waiting for another photo shoot to start. I think I want to get this one framed.


Rich color and contrasts. Swoon.


A happy little flower, content with its face in the sun, and not afraid of the dark behind it. Yes.


yes please – sunshine and green and a proud little flower.


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Hubby and I needed a recharging weekend, he’s been very stressed at work, and I needed some relaxing, outdoor time.

I found Pilot Knob Inn, a charming B&B located about two hours away from home, out past Winston-Salem.

Before checking in, we went to Hanging Rock State Park, hiked up to the bouldering field and got to try our first attempt at outdoor bouldering. Now because we didn’t have any bouldering pads or anything, we stayed really low to the ground, so we wouldn’t get hurt if we fell. It was frustrating, because we very much wanted to climb higher and play on the rocks more, but we were suitably wary of broken bones or worse.

The bouldering field was incredible, I described it as a giant’s playground. Huge big rocks, climb a little path and find even more around the corner. We will definitely be going back!

Then we went to check in to our little log cabin!


Isn’t it darling? We completely fell in love with it. It was the honeymoon suite 🙂


porch sitting

Our front porch! We stood out here and watched an awesome thunderstorm.

black kitty

There were four kittens who lived under our porch. They were happy to sit on the porch with us, but wouldn’t let us pet them. Their mom checked us out, and decided we were mostly harmless.

black white kitty

orange kitty

I love pink kitten feet

kitten pile

Kitten pile!!

cabin path

Isn’t this peaceful and beautiful? I felt so relaxed staying here.


Our birdhouse at the cabin

hubby and pup

Hubby and a pup who lived on the property, love at first sight for both.

bridge pose

A rare mermaid on a bridge sighting

bridge pose 2

bridge hubby

Hubby on swinging bridge


Some of the  yummy fruit spread I had for breakfast today

pilot mtn

pilot mtn tree

Today, we drove up to Pilot Mountain.


Then went to a nearby vineyard

slow grapes

I didn’t know there were fast grapes and slow grapes

grapes working

But even though they are slow grapes, they are hard workers

fruit wine

And they make lovely wines!

And that was our weekend! We came home feeling relaxed and that we had a chance to unwind, and really get away from everything, even though we were only gone for two days.

Hooray for mini getaways!

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Flowers. Macro. Love!








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For Savannah, Brandi, Lira, Jess, and all the other lovely souls who are blooming into themselves and beginning to tap their great potential — including me!






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Spring begins to step out of her shell early here

but still reluctantly

Trees, dipped in cotton candy pink paint, have begun to pop up here and there

Buds and morning dew are artfully arranged on trees like christmas lights

Birds chatter happily to each other in the mornings

while geese fly about sounding bossy

But Spring is still timid, too timid to spring up all at once

and everytime she starts to warm up and allow herself to be seen and felt

Winter grumbles and complains and tries to squash her spirit

And Spring will play along for a while, letting Winter think he is winning

But Spring is not one to hide herself away forever

She is all about making a proper entrance, when she will be most appreciated and loved.

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B and I went out hiking on Saturday, to Hanging Rock State Park, out by Winston-Salem.

Come enjoy the summit with us, won’t you?

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I have a confession. I am a work drone. I very, very rarely take a lunch. I bring my lunch almost every day, eat at my desk, usually working. The rare times I leave it is to go to the bank, or maybe pick up lunch and then go right back to my desk. And then I wonder why it feels like I don’t have time for me, time for my photography, time for writing.

So the other day, when I was heading out the door, I grabbed my camera, grabbed my journal and planned to *gasp* leave the office building and go enjoy some time doing things I love.

I work at Duke University and on the far side of campus is Duke Gardens.

I found this to be so calming

I loved this little girl. I am always a little uncomfortable taking pictures of children, because I worry that their parents will think I am some kind of camera freak who takes pictures of strangers’ children.

If you look closely, there is a bird behind the boat.

When the world wearies and ceases to satisfy, there is always the garden.

I returned to work calm and energized and feeling like I had had a mini vacation during the work day. I’m going to try to do something like this once a week.

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