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So, technically, the diet is going really well. I feel great, my skin is clearing up, my stomach hasn’t hurt in over a week, and I don’t have sugar/wheat/caffeine cravings anymore. I don’t see something and actively have to make myself not eat it. I don’t feel like I NEED to have sugar.

But man. I am rather bored with the diet. I feel like I’m eating different versions of the same sort of meal over and over. I don’t want stir fry again dammit. I want mac and cheese. Or pasta.

I’m trying really hard to focus on the positive and how I feel. But today…I want to whine.


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Tim had one small credit card that had to be paid off, and they offered us a settlement for about half. We originally set it up with the company to do two payments over the phone by check.

It had been more than a week and the first payment hadn’t posted, so we called the company, and found out that they missed a number in our checking account, which is probably why it hadn’t posted.

At this point, we had enough to pay the thing outright, so they said they would just do a new check for the full amount, since the first one had a number missing.

But then later that same day, the first check cleared. We immediately called back to see if they could stop the second check on their end, since that would mean we would have paid half as much as needed to. The company either was unable to stop the second check, or unwilling to. And since we didn’t trust them to give us back our overpayment in a timely fashion, that left putting a stop payment on the check on our end.

We truck down to the bank, and the woman found out that because it was missing a number, it went through a manual review. But then she said they could essentially return the first payment to the company, and then we wouldn’t have to pay for stop payment, and the second check could just go through normally.

We were both frustrated and thinking it was going to be a pain in the ass to get the problem straightened out, but it was really pretty simple.

Isn’t that the way a lot of things work? We get upset about them, make them bigger deals in our head, but then when we actually sit down to deal with it, it’s not that bad.

Reminds me I shouldn’t worry and stress so much.

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Return of the wild mudbaby!

So last week was mostly a fog. With the withdrawals came complete and utter exhaustion (which I discovered yesterday was actually me being sick, because Tim had the same thing). I didn’t exercise much and slept a lot.

Well, the fog finally lifted and I feel great! I went for a long run in Tryon Creek yesterday, and was a very happy mudbaby. I realize that as much as I love running, I really love trail running. I love seeing the forest, hearing the smells, seeing the rushing water — and I really love running in the mud for some reason. You feel like a kid, and you feel wild and connected with the earth in a way you don’t feel as much when you run on concrete on busy streets and through neighborhoods. Love it.

*Grin* I’m back!

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learning, healing and update

Today is day four of the diet, and overall doing better. I only had sugar cravings on Sunday. I had a caffeine headache for two days, but today I was ok.

A sort of side result of this diet (which is partly to help my skin heal) is that my skin is all broken out. My eyes got puffy, my lips are red almost up to my nose, my back is more irritation than regular skin. I checked with my doctor about this, and part of it is my body pushing out toxins and bad-for-me stuff. She had said the body actually uses the skin to get rid of bad stuff (better out than in I guess). But I am also reacting to not taking my skin medicine — so a double whammy if you will. She said to give the diet a week and I should start feeling better and my skin should start clearing up.

I’ve just been taking things really easy. Eating when I’m hungry. Sleeping when I’m tired during the afternoon, although today I was proud I managed to fight off a nap by going for a walk and doing Total Gym exercises.

Up till today, one of my biggest challenges has been that I was starting to feel bored with the food I could eat. (Just for fun, next time you are in the grocery store, see how many things have wheat, dairy, sugar, corn or such as ingredients — I was amazed at where I was finding that stuff). But I found some yeast-free, wheat-free, vegan bread that is sweetened with rice syrup. Granted, the stuff feels like you could throw it at someone and it would be a good weapon, but it actually tastes ok. I also found brown rice cakes that are a good snack and naturally sweetened soy yogurt (didn’t like that).

Without all the sugar and processing you really taste the food. You taste the ingredients. Things taste…simpler. It’s nice to taste real food and not food filled with chemicals or sugar. I’m finding I like it, and finding that fruit is a good sweetener. And I like how I feel full after eating, but not heavy. And bonus….my stomach hasn’t hurt or been bloated since I started this, and that is progress.

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Last meal and fresh start

Last night, I had a little bit of everything I won’t be able to have for the next six weeks….basically all junk food. Had a veggie burger and fries, shake and then had a donut from Krispy Kreme. I did this partly because I knew I would feel gross afterwards, and would not want to eat sugar or crap today. It worked, almost too well, because my stomach hurt…but it also made me even more excited for this diet.

I picked up a bunch of fresh produce at the farmer’s market, did my online grocery shopping last night, and now everything in the house is healthy. I know one thing, at least right now, it is time consuming figuring stuff out, because I have to read the labels of everything. Herbal tea, dressings, etc. I would find dressings that sounded good but had wheat or sugar in them, some hot cereals that I thought would be ok had wheat in them. But with the wonders of online grocery shopping, all the stuff I picked out last night (fortunately New Seasons allows you to see ingredients of most of the things you order online) will be in my order for next week. I also bought an anti-inflammation diet cookbook, because I am going to need some ideas so I don’t get bored.

Bring on the healthy!

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Time to heal

I went to see a naturopath physician today, because I’m tired of having skin and digestive problems. She was great, spent over an hour with her, talking about diet, symptoms, what I’ve tried. She said that in most of the cases of people who are having skin problems, it is a sign of something in their body not working properly. This is what I’ve believed all along….my skin isn’t necessarily the problem, my skin is a symptom of what is going on — most likely digestive. She also said that being on the skin medicine I’m on suppresses the skin irritation, but doesn’t cure it — it just makes the irritation go back inside, and that I become dependent on the skin medication, and as soon as I stop using it, my skin problems flare back up (yup! ding ding ding!)

She believes my digestive tract is irritated and inflamed and I’m not digesting properly. She has me taking high doses of acidophillus (I had started taking it and noticed my symptoms were a lot better with it), fish oil twice a day, and a herbal supplement three times per day that helps with inflammation and digestion, and helps to rebuild the lining in my digestive tract.

And then there’s the diet.

For the next six weeks, starting Saturday, I will be on the anti-inflammatory diet to give my body a chance to reset. I am not allowed ANY: tomatoes, potatoes, any wheat products, tofu (I can have some in limited amounts), citrus fruit, NO sugar, nutra-sweet or artificial sweeteners of any kind, NO dairy, NO caffeine at all, no corn products, no hydrogenated oils, no processed foods, no fried foods, no peanuts or peanut butters.

Basically, lots of fruit and veggies. Beans. Rice. Nuts other than peanuts. After doing this diet for six weeks, I will begin to reintroduce food back into my diet — one food at a time, no more than one food at a time for three days.

The physician I saw also wants me to get tested for celiac disease, but she said that can wait until after the six weeks, because I will be limiting gluten a lot anyway by not eating wheat.

It is fairly restrictive but I am really looking forward to this. First, it is incredibly healthy. It reminds me of Phase One of South Beach, and I felt great on that. And second, I would rather take six weeks and get my body back to healthy then spend more time with itchy, irritated skin and having all kinds of digestive problems. Both my skin and my digestive problems have been happening more frequently, and I’m sick of it.

I’ll update my blog regularly with how I’m doing on this. Any support you can give me, especially during the first week when I will likely have some caffeine and sugar withdrawal, I’d appreciate!

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So says Tim to me this morning when I woke up. Hee. Now, before you go thinking he’s an ass, we just call each other names all the time, so this made me grin. I later wrote him an e-mail titled Happy freakin Valentine’s Day (then got all mushy inside).

I love…

  • how silly Tim can be
  • how protective he is of me, his friends and loved ones
  • how much he adores Myrawonderpup
  • how much I laugh with him
  • how much he supports and encourages me
  • how safe I feel around him
  • how perfectly we fit, whether we are hugging, curled up on the couch, whatever
  • how we can (and do) talk about everything. I believe open, honest communication is a big part of our strength together.
  • how smart he is. He is really one of the smartest people I know.
  • where our life is going. We’ve been together almost four years and while we’ve had problems and challenges in our life, we’ve always been strong and solid together, and I’m just so excited to see what the future has in store for us

Hope you all have things to celebrate and love.

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