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We drove up to Mass for the Thanksgiving holiday, and I can say this pretty easily — we won’t be doing that drive anytime soon. In fact, we probably won’t do that drive again if we can help it.

The good parts of the trip:

Myra. We brought the WonderPup up with us, and she was an angel. She amazes me by how wonderful she is, even when she doesn’t have any reason to be. More on the pup when I get to the puppy section.

My mom. She went out of her way to make sure I had gluten-free, dairy-free food and goodies. Putting together a thanksgiving dinner is a lot of work anyway, but then add in making things in duplicate and triplicate to accommodate food allergies, and it becomes an ordeal. But my mom never complained about having to make extra food, and it was so nice and appreciated to be able to eat what everyone else was eating. She even made GF DF versions of her pumpkin bread and apple pie that I love. It made it Thanksgiving.

Seeing She Hangs Brightly and Bryan and the pups.  I miss her horribly and getting to spend a night just talking and watching the pups play was worth the trip.

The Bad parts of the trip:  

The Drive. We left around 2 p.m. on Tuesday. Got to my parents house around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday. Didn’t stop, so I was awake for about 24 hours straight. We wanted to leave before Wednesday, thinking there would be worse traffic then. But we hit rush hour traffic in Richmond, Virginia, horrible backups in D.C. and along the Maryland beltway — apparently, they are doing road construction, and they have lanes closed, just because they are storing their equipment there. And then there was the George Washington Bridge. I was so stressed, thank Dog Tim was driving for that leg. Lots of tractor trailer trucks, cutting each other off, not noticing or seeing us, 16 lanes of traffic merging down to one. On a bridge. On a bridge that sways and groans.  Terrifying.

The sleep, or lack of sleep. It’s hard to not sleep on your own bed, and there was construction outside my parents house that I heard all Wednesday when we were trying to sleep. And because we were sleeping in the basement and I am a very light sleeper, I heard my parents every time they got up to go to the bathroom or when they got up for the day, so I only slept in spurts.

When we drove back home, it still took about 15 hours, even though we only really hit traffic in Maryland, and we avoided the George Washington Bridge entirely. And being Gluten-free, dairy-free means it is really hard for me to eat safely while on the road. I ended up getting sick, possibly from cross-contamination at Thanksgiving. Using someone’s knife who had used butter could do it.  It will take probably till Wednesday for my system to completely reset.

The puppy:  

Myra is such an amazingly good dog. Not only does she handle long car rides exceptionally well, but she just always remains happy. She didn’t sleep well on the drive up, because of the stop and go traffic, but she didn’t whine or squeak, and she would listen when we would ask her to sit or lay down.

She has never been in anyone else’s house, but she adjusted to that quickly and easily. She did whatever was asked of her. She would watch my mom cook in the kitchen, but she wouldn’t beg for food, and she would never dream of trying to steal food.

She met more people in a house setting than she ever has, and even though she was overwhelmed at times, she still listened really well, and would settle down when we asked her to.

We took her to the beach down the street from my parents house. It was her first time ever seeing the ocean, first time ever seeing water bigger than a puddle. She was just about the cutest, happiest dog on the planet. There was no one on the beach, and we left her off her leash and she just ran and ran. She would get about 50 feet ahead of us, then turn to look for us and wait for us to catch up. When she finally discovered the water, she just charged in and was playing in the waves and romping around. We would throw rocks in the water for her, and she would get so confused because she couldn’t find what she was looking for.

When we took her up to meet Loki and Teygan (She Hangs Brightly’s dogs), she was so cute and flirty. She would keep rolling around on her belly for them, she would go up and give kisses or sit and paw at their faces to get them to play with her. She had lots of people to throw balls for her, and she was just thrilled about that. She is an amazingly happy dog, and I love her with my whole being and then more.

I think there were more good things than bad things, but man, the bad things were pretty rough. Actual thanksgiving was nice, but it isn’t worth the hassle to try and drive up again, and I don’t really want to fly on the busiest travel holiday. We shall see what happens next year, but I am guessing it will involve just me and Tim and MyraPup at our house, quiet and mellow.


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7 things

The fab Brandi (of Dandelion Seeds) tagged me to play Seven Random Things. I’m supposed to list the rules, here you go:

 *Link to the blog of the person who tagged you.

*Post these rules on your blog.

*List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.

*Tag seven random [?] people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.

*Let each person know that they have been tagged by posting a comment on their blog.

1. I have met Steven Tyler of Aerosmith several times, including after a haunted house where I was one of the actors. He is very down-to-earth, very nice and also very teeny (I am not taller than many people and I was a little taller than him)

2. I can recite the entire Princess Bride — and pretty much do every time I watch it 

3. I LOVE Christmas in Sarajevo by the Trans Siberian Orchestra. I conduct it every time I hear it. This is not regular conducting — this is full-body, whole heart, get out of breath by end conducting. 

4. My dad wanted to name me Deidre because he loved how it sounded, but then he found out the name meant Sadness. I am glad I am a Kelly and not a Deidre or DeeDee. 

5. I must have at least six different clones. I have so many people who come up to me, and tell me, not only do I look just like so-and-so, but people start talking to me as if I am so-and-so. I’ve actually gotten in arguments with people about this. “Don’t I know you? Yes, I met you at blahblahblah last week.” “I’m sorry, I’ve never been there.” “No, I’m sure I met you.” “I’m sorry, I really haven’t met you before.” 

6. My first real kiss was AWFUL. I had kiss slobber on my chin, and I wasn’t sure if you were supposed to wipe it off or if that would seem rude. 

7. I was in Paris the night Princess Diana was killed and actually walked past the tunnel where she was killed about an hour after the accident. The next morning, my friend was watching the news, and I asked her what was going on. She said she didn’t know, she heard it wrong. Because the newscast was naturally in French, and they had said that Diana was killed, but then they didn’t repeat that again for a while, so my friend thought she was watching some tribute to her initially. Then they showed the tunnel where we had been walking only hours, where we had seen more police and ambulance than we had ever seen in one place before. It was so sad, and the outpouring of grief from all over Europe was overwhelming.

Okkkk. Now I am supposed to tag seven other people to play. But Brandi already grabbed a number of people that I would have tagged.  I tag: BlissWarrior, Daisies, Giggling in the Rain and Dancing Mermaid. 

And anyone who wants to play!

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I’m going to start doing Sacred Sunday posts, much like Omgirly. I’m supposed to include this lovely little button, but I’m having difficulty with that at the moment, so for now, I will just link to My Sacred Life.

I believe a pair of hawks must have a nest somewhere near our house. Recently, I’ve seen one flying nearby, but today was unbelievable. I left my house to go for a run, and one hawk was circling over our house. Then I saw another hawk off in the distance, that also came down and started circling around the house.

They would come down to just a few feet over our roof. I could see their eyes, every detail of their feathers, the curve of their beaks. They were beautiful and graceful. Watching them fly and soar, you can imagine how people felt before there were airplanes, before there were gliders. You see these beautiful birds riding on the air currents, looking as though it is effortless to stay in the air, and you think, there. That is what it must feel like to fly. How I would love to soar and swoop and glide like that.

I have never been that close to hawks, where you could see their perfection and beauty in such detail. Usually, I would see one off in the distance, and never have I seen two together, which is why I believe they must be mates. You could tell they were communicating, although there were no sounds. I ran to get Tim and have him come out and watch them too. But when I ran inside to get my camera, the hawks had other ideas. They did not want to be photographed, at least not close up. I got several shots of one high up past our tree, but nothing of the glory that I saw. This was a moment just to enjoy and cherish and be awed by — not something I could capture with my camera.

It was an incredible few moments.

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Photobooth is so much fun to play with



One of my favorite pics of me and my Boy



Kids, don’t try this at home



Everyone looks good in black and white

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MyraWonderPup, happy in her yard


My pup is so pretty


Berries in my neighborhood





A self-portrait in our hall mirror

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I think this is part of the StarMaker’s Daughter 

I dreamed this the other night. I wish I could videotape my dreams. The worlds are so lush, so rich and vivid. I wish I could share exactly what I see when I visit these dreamworlds.

The dream is as follows:

I don’t remember the journey, but I traveled through a wormhole and suddenly find myself on this rolling green lawn, near a white farm house. This is the same house and same lawn I saw when I met the StarMaker’s Daughter.

I look up in the evening sky, full of stars, and I see the wormhole I just came through. I try to memorize its location so I can go back through it again.

 I look away, then look back at the sky. All of a sudden, there are wormholes everywhere. They are dark and orange and pulsing and look alive. They look almost like cells under a microscope, these doorways to other worlds, other galaxies. It is such an amazing site to behold, and I believe the StarMaker must use these when he needs to make stars in new galaxies, new places. 

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 Morning fog lifting

Sun streaming through

Everywhere, crimson, orange, yellow, glowing in the sun

Perfect happiness  



Crimson leaves whipping down the street 

Yellow leaves fluttering on trees

Grey and white smears in the sky, dark rain clouds

Rain pelting sideways

Thrillingly dramatic

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