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Totally digging…

Colbie Caillat

I found her on Itunes, her song “Bubbly” was the free single of the week. I downloaded that, plus Realize and Magic. It took me maybe a day to download the rest of the album, and it has been on constant rotation since then.

Her music is summery and light and touching. It has the essence of the beach, with beautiful lyrics that you want to listen to over and over. Her music feels like love.

“Take time to realize, this all could pass you by. Didn’t I tell you? But I can’t spell it out for you. It’s never going to be that simple.”

A great song, says Colbie Caillat, should lift your heart, warm the soul and make you feel good. Taking her own sound advice, “Coco”, the debut album by the 22 year-old Californian singer-songwriter is simply crammed full of them. — From her Myspace page

Check her out. I think you will be glad you did.


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Meeting Sam

Sam, his first day out and about in his new home

Meet Sam, the newest addition to the family. He is a small black cat who purrs much louder than his small stature would indicate.

Myra loves her new brother. When she met him for the first time, her tail was wagging at triple speed.

He follows her around. She runs up to him, her whole body wagging and then will kiss/slurp his forehead. He will lick her and rub his head on her face and purr.

He is not a quick to love cat, he is still feeling us out, but we are slowly winning his approval. He joined us on the bed for a family nap, and for a very few minutes, the four of us were snuggled on the bed (we might need a bigger bed at some point). He runs off if you approach him too quickly, but if you sit down and let him come to you, he purrs contentedly at you. Just a few minutes ago, he was down below my desk chair, I invited him up. He didn’t stay long but he did jump up into my lap.

I was worried about him not eating for almost two days, and then I was worried because he didn’t seem to be eating much. But I am learning Sam does things at his pace, when he is ready. That’s not a bad thing.

I am looking forward to getting to know him more, and seeing Myra with her new little brother. And oddly and nicely, bringing Sam home made me love Myra even more, because she is such a wonderful, sweet, happy dog.

Welcome to your new home, Sam

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Me and Mik, one of my closest and bestest friends.

A lot of bloggly ladies have been playing tag, and posting eight facts about themselves.

I haven’t been tagged, but I wanted to play too, so I am 🙂

1. I have onion-phobia. I HATE onions. Smell, taste, raw, cooked. If there are onions in something, I have to pick them out before I can eat it, if there are too many onions, and it tastes oniony, I can’t eat it at all. But I love garlic.

2. Since 2003, I have lived in eight different houses, in three different states (Mass, Oregon, NC). We’ve only been in our current house for two months, but I really like it, and feel at home for the first time in a long time.

3. I love journals and pens and stickers and stamps, but I dont’ always journal as often as I should. I tend to go in spurts, sometimes journaling four times per day, sometimes nothing for weeks. I once wrote a journal entry, with my journal asking why I didn’t play with it more often.

4. I had to start eating chicken after being strict vegetarian for nine years, because I found out I can’t eat wheat or gluten, and my food options felt very limited. I actually like it much more than I thought I would, but I have to deliberately not think about what I’m eating. While I will never eat meat again, I do admit that burgers on the grill smell really good.

5. I was a certified scuba diver by the age of 13. I would live in the water if I could.

6. I don’t like watching sports, but I love sports movies, like Invincible and Glory Road. I love rooting for the underdog.

7. I am an only child. When I was little, I planned to run away if my parents had another kid. Now I wish I had a brother or sister. I also have a very vivid, and weird, imagination. I used to pretend on road trips, that we were being followed, that my parents were actually kidnapping me, and planning how I would escape and get away.

8. I will often walk around a store, carrying something I like, then put it back when we leave. I like carrying it around, and admiring it, but I don’t always want to spend the money to buy it.

This was fun!

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yay books

I am a serial reader. I am always reading something, and very often, I have two books (or more) going on at the same time. I am currently reading Watership Down (in the bedroom) and Blood Red Horse (in the bathroom, yes, I am a bathroom reader…)

But since I hadn’t been paid in a long time, I really hadn’t bought new books in a while. I like to have at least three new books waiting for me, so that as soon as I finish, I can start reading another one or two, with one still in reserve. While I still have some existing books that I haven’t read yet (see books currently reading,) they weren’t new books, so I hadn’t been excited to read them. And they aren’t books that I’ve read before and love to reread, so I had been without books I couldn’t wait to read for a while.

No longer! We went to Barnes & Noble on the day I got paid, and I happily dropped about $50 in new books, and that was restraining myself. So now I have waiting for me: Labyrinth, Hood, The Riddle, Pippi Longstocking, and Eat, Pray, Love. Now technically, Pippi Longstocking was bought a while ago, but since it was the last of my new books, I couldn’t start it until I had more new books, because it would only take me a few hours to read it at most, and then I wouldn’t have any new books at all, see my dilemma?

I feel complete now, like I had lost friends somewhere along the way, and I only just got them back. And yes, I know, this might be extreme to feel about books, but I really consider them friends.

Happy reading!

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*No spoilers, I promise*

We went to our first (and last, sniff) Harry Potter release party Friday night, and had fun checking out all the costumes, and getting spells and such. T got a spell to make people’s pants split at the seams, I got one to encourage positive energy….

We saw Dobby, Lucius and Draco Malfoy, Luna, Tonks, a Quidditch team, and obviously lots of Harrys and such. It was amazing to see the whole bookstore filled with people, and know that they were all there for the same book.

We didn’t get home till around 1:30, I managed to stay up till 3:30 reading (quite a feat for me!). The next day was spent almost exclusively reading, minus a visit to meet a kitty, and playing with Myrapup. T finished Sat. night, I didn’t finish till Sun. afternoon. For those of you who know me and know how I read books….I didn’t read the end at all!!!! This is another big accomplishment, although with this book I really wasn’t tempted. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t ask questions to T, and there were a lot of times where he would say he wouldn’t tell me, but he did confirm that my theories I was completely certain of, were in fact true.

I cried. I laughed. I cried more. I was completely and utterly enthralled in that world. It reminded me of how much I loved her books in the first place (been sort of disenchanted the past two books). I was cheering, I was shouting “I KNEW it” at different points. It was a fabulous end to an amazing series, and of course the fact that it was the end of the series was really sad. I don’t know when another series will come along that captures me so much, or that becomes a common thread that you can talk about with people of all types and ages.

Well done JK Rowling. And Thank you.

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I’ve realized I tend to react rather strongly to the “Do you have kids” question.

My response is either “God, no” or an emphatic shaking of my head.

Might be something I want to tone down a bit…

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I can do a lot of girly (on my knees) push ups, but I used to not be strong enough to do real push ups, or at least not do more than one or two. So, I kept doing my girly push ups.

But I know I’m stronger now, thanks to weight training, so I decided to try some real push ups last night, and was able to do 15 comfortably. Cool! After that I finished up with 30 more girly push ups.

What can you do that you think you can’t? What were you unable to do once or twice and have stopped trying? And if you can’t do it now…what can you do to make it a reality? Doing stuff you thought you couldn’t is a great feeling.

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