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“Looks like an Apple. Tastes like a Grape.”

I saw this in the grocery store tonight. Dear lord, why??

I like grapes. I like apples. I’ve never been eating a grape, thinking “if only this were bigger, like an apple.” I’ve never eaten an apple and thought, ‘mmm, needs more grape.”

Genetically modified food really freaks me out. Like the tomatoes that proudly proclaim “tastes like a real tomato!!” Why don’t I just eat a REAL tomato.

But seriously. Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you should.

Graple pie anyone? Gaaaa.


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A first for Tim here I believe

I was supposed to be hosting stitch n bitch tonight, but everyone ended up being busy/tired. It worked out perfectly though, my back was bothering me a bit, and I didn’t mind having a quiet evening. Tim had planned to call Celena to see if she wanted to go out tonight (Celena is Toni’s friend, and as much as I tried to be friends with her, we never clicked all that well, but she gets along really well with Tim). He had thought about cancelling when Stitch n bitch was no longer happening, but I told him I really wanted him to go.

Working from home, he hasn’t met a lot of people. The people he knows, he knows through me and they are usually my friends. So when I said I really wanted him to go, I meant I really thought he needed to go. Celena likes to go out to bars and drink, something Tim really doesn’t get to do with me because I have no interest in that scene. But that was something he used to do regularly in Salem, meet up with Mel or Pete or John or whoever for a beer, to talk, to chill.

Making friends here is really hard, and I’m glad I’ve finally made some good ones. But I know how social Tim is, and as interesting as I am, I shouldn’t be the main source of conversation that he has. And now that we both work from home, I think it is even more important. I go out with my friends pretty regularly, and he’ll stay and play guitar or whatever. But I’m hoping he’ll start hanging with Celena on a regular basis, because I think it will be really good for him. That is still the only thing I would change about our life here, that he could have some of his own friends, so he can get out of the house without me and just be Tim.

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I’m a knitter now!

I went to the Yarn Garden yesterday, and enjoyed wandering around all the wonderful colors and textures. A whole store of soft things to touch. I loved it. A nice woman pointed me to great yarn that is easy for beginners to work with. I ended up with two rolls of this beautiful, soft baby alpaca yarn in a deep burgundy with gold specks, and a roll of this soft green yarn flecked with orange and yellow.

I started knitting with the burgundy, making a scarf, and it is great to work with. It’s silky, so it is easy to move over the knitting needles, and it is so nice to touch I just want to keep working on it. It’s much more fun working with yarn I really like. It looks good so far, and actually looks like knitting. I think I’m starting to make fewer mistakes, and it is getting easier to hold the needles and to make the stitches consistent.


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All rolled in one evening.

This woman Kelly called me yesterday, she started at OHSU in the marketing department as a project manager right before we left, and we hit it off right away. I liked talking to her, she’s cool and interesting. Plus, she’s been working as a contractor for a long time, so it’s good to get tips from her. We’ve stayed in touch since I left (two weeks!)

I had suggested going to this puppet improv theater thing, but it was $20 per person and we all decided that was a little steep. She suggested meeting at this bar that was close to both of us.

We get there, go into THE TACKIEST, diviest bar I’ve seen in a long time. Walls are blood red. Wretchedly bad art on the walls. And it is super small and a band is setting up. That means the farthest you can be from the music is about 12′. We sit down and are waiting for about ten minutes, no one comes up to give us water, get our order, we are patently ignored. When Kelly and her boyfriend finally show up (more than 15 mins late), I immediately dislike the boyfriend. I described him to Tim afterwards as “He’s trying desperately to be what you are naturally, but he’s really bad at it.” He was trying to be sarcastic and witty and say insulting things that actually come off as funny. But he wasn’t intelligent enough for that, so he just comes off like an asshole.

There is virtually no food offered there (not even french fries, what kind of lame ass bar doesn’t have french fries), bad beer (meant a coke for me) and then the wretchedly bad music started.

And only that morning Tim and I had been talking about how there’s not much to do in Portland, unless you go out to a bar. I had said I would start trying to go to more…and last night cured that for both of us. Ug.

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Lovin myra’s new habit!!

So, wonderpup has taken to coming back to bed after I let her out in the morning. This is wonderful! For a looong time, she was getting up around 7 and then not letting us sleep, because she would pace and squeak and just insist on us being up with her (even if she only wanted to lay on the living room rug and chew things).

Her life will be spared as long as she continues this lovely new habit. However, as soon as she reverts, it’s off to the pound for her!! (ok well, maybe not, but we threaten her with it anyway).

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Can’t. Stop. Sleeping

I think I got hit with something. I’m not full-out sick, but I am just EXHAUSTED. I’ve been sleeping a ton since Wednesday. I stopped working around noon, slept till 1:30 when I went to pick up the mutt from school, came home and slept with her for another two hours. My stomach felt all off, and I wasn’t sure I would be able to go to Franny’s house for Thanksgiving.

Thursday comes around and I sleep till almost 11, after having gone to bed at 9, make a casserole and my mom’s apple pie (both of which came out really really good), and then was so tired I thought I was going to fall over. Today, I slept till 10:30, went back to bed at noon for two hours, and I’m still exhausted. No energy at all.

I feel like I could sleep for a week and still be tired.

edited to add it took through Saturday afternoon for my energy to be back to normal.

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I’m grateful for…

First and always, T — my friend, my love
Good health
good friends
the sweetest puppy alive
being able to pursue my dreams
my first ever apple pie looking perfect and ready for devouring
good financial health
parents who love me and who gave me a safe, happy childhood — I know what a gift that is
living in an area I love
being done with cooking for the day — phew, I don’t know how people make an entire thanksgiving dinner
having money already set aside for christmas presents and myra’s boarding fees, so christmas this year won’t be a financial hassle
my new laptop — It’s the first big thing I’ve bought for myself, and I really like it

And so much more.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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