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owl eyes…

are watching  youuuuu (to the tune of Private Eyes)


A telephone pole in my neighborhood.


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A bit more progress on the house. I love our bedroom set 🙂



With Myra WonderPup, you will also see Ted and two of my Ellies. Ted is in charge. He is also very patient. He tolerates the ellies (elephants if you don’t speak Kelly) very well, even though they are always pestering him for stories. But they are both young ellies, and he understands that.


Rows of jewelry boxes on the dresser, and another Ellie.


My nightstand, the picture is of me and B, the journal sticker says Destined to be an old woman with no regrets.

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B went out to play in a poker tournament, and I had a lovely evening at home. I made pizza for myself, watched some of Notting Hill while I ate, then had American Idol on while I painted and played in my Wreck journal. Felt good to get covered in paint and glue!


The tags say Have fun, grow, embrace, dream, embrace life, scatter joy


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I am currently reading Gods Behaving Badly, courtesy of a great review from Library Girl Reads (Thanks Angela!) A fun, entertaining read, and makes me remember how much I was fascinated by Greek mythology.

I am also halfway through The Riddle, the second book in the Pellinor series. I put it down to read Gods Behaving Badly, but I can’t wait to get back to this. A really great fantasy series, with a strong female lead, who is trying to find out who she is, and trying to do the right thing, while doubting that she is really the one who can save her people.

B got me Wreck this Journal (check out the customer images, they are awesome!) for Valentine’s Day, and can I say how much fun this journal is?? I am admittedly a journal whore. I love new journals. I stand in bookstores and look at all the new journals with lust and longing. And I can very much suffer from the journal perfection — it is so lovely and beautiful when I get it, I don’t want to Wreck it by using it! I feel intimidated by its newness, by all the blank pages. But this journal will have none of that, thank you very much. I have dipped my pen in coffee and ended up drawing the coffee genie, who was still sleepy and not granting wishes yet, I traced my hand and drew in my lovely engagement ring that I still love to look at all the time, I burned off a corner of a page, drew an ice cream cone by dipping my pen cap in my coconut milk vanilla ice cream (lovely after a dinner of potatoes and roasted veggies). I ignored the directions entirely on a page that said to leave it blank on purpose. I drew a scene or two from our upcoming honeymoon, specifically a sea turtle that I want to meet and a lovely hammock that I want to lay in. I colored outside the lines, and wrote a message that color doesn’t have to be contained. It is wonderful fun. I highly recommend it.

Some new music, I recently downloaded Dusty in Memphis from iTunes. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I only really knew Son of a Preacher man, but I am so swoony about her voice and songs now. This album is great to listen to while you are making dinner.

For long, happy mermaid soaks in my tub, I am loving the Jasmine Vanilla and Black Currant Vanilla aromatherapy body washes from Bath and Body Works Sensuality line. Pour some in, light a candle, breathe in and just enjoy the delightful smells.

What are you listening to, reading, loving?

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Mom! Come quick! There are fish outside my window!!!


That’s nice dear.

Mooooom! I’m serious! There really are fish outside my window!

Alright dear, that is quite enough.

Hey Mom!!! Now’s there’s a flying giraffe outside my window!! You have to come see this!


I have had just about enough of this from you. What have I told you about that imagination of yours? You are going to dream your life away. It’s time for you to grow up and stop this nonsense.

Nobody ever believes me. 😦

For everyone who believes in the fantastical and magical and unlikely. For everyone who dreams and wishes and can see the possible even when others can’t — don’t stop believing. Don’t stop imagining and dreaming and wishing and playing. Just because other people can’t see what you see, doesn’t mean it isn’t true, or that it isn’t worth holding on to.

And when someone tells you that there is a flying giraffe outside their window…take a leap of faith and believe them. Try it, just once, and you might see a whole new world open up in front of you.

Photos taken in downtown Raleigh

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For Savannah, Brandi, Lira, Jess, and all the other lovely souls who are blooming into themselves and beginning to tap their great potential — including me!






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Truly was born at 11:11 on November 11. She was born Truly Amber Devine, but she didn’t tell many people that. She figured Truly Devine was bad enough. The Devine came from her father, not The Father. She didn’t have much to say about that, as she had never met him. Or them, as she hadn’t met The Father either.

Her mother thought that Truly was a beautiful name, she loved sounds with -ly in them, and she told Truly once that names infuse people with power, so she wanted someone who would always be true. But then again, her mother also believed in television psychics, so Truly didn’t put much stock in that. The Amber part, well, her mom loved crystals and rocks and colors. Truly figured Amber must have been her mother’s favorite when she was born, but she never asked. And she knew that her mother had never once uttered her full name outloud before she was born and realized that she was naming her only daughter Truly Devine.

But Truly figured the name you were born is the name you kept,  so she tried to make the best of it.

This is mostly from a dream and from the early morning kind of awake kind of asleep state I was in this morning.

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