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Mikki is one of my bestest friends, and I’m really glad she is here and living with me.

Tonight, we were playing around with photobooth, and we were laughing to the point of crying and having our stomachs ache from how long we were laughing. I love laughing like that.

It started like this:


Then we went glamor model girls:


It quickly turned into this:


Morphed into this:


(yes, world, you should be VERY VERY scared that there are now two of me, and that Mikki’s has finally gone public about the second head she has)

And by this point, we were pretty much in hysterics:


And always remember, on some days if you feel you need a little OOMPH, well, now the Flying Mermaid is available in technicolor and stripes:



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Gangster Elf hat with straight bed hair

Fleece jacket

Bright pink fleece jammy bottoms with black cats on them

And though you can’t see, brown mary jane crocs.

This is how I just took MyraWonderPup for a run/walk. That’s right, I’m wicked cool 😀

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Music I am loving and listening to a lot lately:

Check Yes Juliet, We the Kings (I dare you to not want to get up and dance)

Feels like Home, Emmylou Harris

Jesse, Carly Simon (Thanks BlissWarrior! 🙂

I Wanna Roo You, Van Morrison (Put it on, grab your love, dance around your house. Trust me.)

Magic, Colbie Caillat

I’ll be your river, Cyndi Lauper acoustic

Time after time, Cyndi Lauper and Sarah McLachlan (so beautifully done)

Hard Sun, Eddie Veder (Thanks B!)

Rangers, A Fine Frenzy (actually pretty much all A Fine Frenzy, I just absolutely love her)

Finding my way, Alice Peacock

Silver Thunderbird, Marc Cohn

What are you listening to lately that makes you happy?

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Cowboys and angels

Cowboys and angels are riding the freeways and byways tonight.

Some are running away — from troubles, from grief, from the version of themselves they are trying to leave behind.

Some are running to a destination — to love, to celebrations, to wherever their magic is most needed.

You think you know which ones are which, and sometimes you are right.

But sometimes, you find an angel in disguise, riding the highway, just waiting for you when you most need them. And sometimes…you might not know that you crossed paths with an angel because they don’t always reveal their true nature. But always know, there are always angels out riding with the cowboys.

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Dance with abandon





Me, being silly, and dancing wildly around my kitchen.

This pretty much describes how I am most of the time 🙂

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Prompt from journalingprompts.com

Love smells like daisies, fresh and bright

Love smells like sea roses, alluring, different and richer than what you were expecting

Love smells like the earth after a rain, clean and alive

Love smells like the rich earth in a forest, deep, mysterious, the root of all things

Love smells like the sea, deep, vast, constant but always changing, full of life

Love smells like cinnamon, spicy sweet

Love smells like after a thunderstorm, new with an electric charge in the air

Love smells like home.

What does love smell like to you?

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Friday Fill-ins

1. ___Discovering new amazing places__ is the best thing about traveling.
2. I love a good __bath or a cup of tea___ when I’m cold.
3. I often use ___glitter eyeshadow and often shout the catchphrase “sparklebutt!”__.
4. I’m reading _Eclipse (third in the twilight series) and Into the Wild____ right now; I __really love Eclipse, can’t wait to see what happens, Into the Wild gives me insight into my love, so I love___ it.
5. ___Sports__ is something I dislike talking about.
6. When I visited ___Ireland__ I most looked forward to seeing __leprechauns and fairies___.

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