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Mikki and I went to the state farmers’ market yesterday, what a neat place. The first building we were in had all sorts of antiques and furniture and home decorations and lawn decorations.

If you look closely, you can see me reflected in the ball

Large ornaments for really large christmas trees?

A really big watering can, for really big lawns, perhaps? Oh, and a metal alligator

A really large, and really happy, lawn turtle. I want him.

The biggest c*ck Mikki has seen….

Swoon. I love bottles.

Sad little cherubs


The next building had vendors selling homemade goat cheese, preserves, pies, all sorts of cool things

Mmm coffee

“If it ain’t caffeinated, it ain’t coffee.” Damn straight!

Lovely farm-fresh eggs

Pickled eggs. Don’t know why they are pink…

Acres of fresh strawberries, the kind where the juice just dribbles over your fingers when you take a bite

Gourd art


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A few photos

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To the searcher…

This is probably not very nice of me, but this is really boggling my mind.

Someone did a search on the Internet and ended up on my blog. Hello, dear searcher!

This searcher did a search for “What is a banana made of?”

This has me so baffled, I really don’t understand.

Bananas are made of bananas, they aren’t MADE of anything. At least not any bananas I eat!

Anyway, dear searcher, I hope you find what you are looking for.

Readers — any thoughts on what bananas are made of? Maybe I’m missing something 🙂

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Yes, I know, I’ve been a horrible bloggy girl lately. But I think life should be returning a bit more to normal  now, which means more time for bloggly happiness.

I had my mom’s 60th birthday over the weekend and flew up there to celebrate. Leading up to that, I was working tirelessly on a scrapbook for her, which was so much fun. I saw pictures I had never seen before and really enjoyed putting together a visual story of her life. And when I gave her the scrapbook (which she loved!), she told stories that went with the photos, so it was a great bit of her history that I got to hear and learn.

Flying up north for the weekend also meant I got to see B (yay!) and got to play on my beach. How I miss the ocean. I was out for a run, running down streets I have run down for years, breathing in the tangy-salty-cleansing air of the ocean, breathing in life. The ocean is life and breath to me. I felt calm and revitalized just being near it, I felt my brain begin to spin in new creative directions, and words and images began to dance in my head.

Now that I am done with the scrapbook and won’t be traveling for a few weeks, I need to focus my energy on writing and photography and break out my paints and get colorful. A lot of my energy and time has been spent outwardly, giving my creativity and time (willingly, of course) to others, but now I need to do things for me. A good sign that my creativity needs to come out of my head — my dreams have been getting more intense, and I’ve been having more nightmares. It always seems when I stifle the words and images in my head, my nightmares become more frequent and more vivid. I need to make me a priority, make creating for me a priority again.

I have some cool shots from my beach, I will post those later.

Happy Thursday!


The Flying Mermaid

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Who are you today?

“So, child, tell me, who are you today?”

The question hangs in the air, in her mind. It is a question she hears whenever she looks in the mirror.

But she never knows how to answer. But the mirror doesn’t accept that and keeps waiting for her to become who she is meant to be.

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Walk in a green wood with me

Past a brook, tripping and racing through the trees, not caring where it is going, it trusts its path

Feel the earth grow and awaken beneath your feet

Birds watch from the trees, some singing with joy, others silent observers

Walk in a green wood

Where the scents are new and possibilities unfurl like the tender leaves reaching for their moment in the sun

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On Saturday, after we wandered around Portsmouth, NH, we headed up the road to Ogunquit, ME, maybe 20 minutes away. I love Ogunquit, it is one of my favorite spots. The ocean, the cliffs, the cute little town, the beach that goes on forever.

Brian had been on the outskirts of town, but he had never been down to the beach or walked along the Marginal Way.

Walk with me, won’t you?








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