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Final countdown

10 more days of Michele, and her rude, pretentious, condescending attitude, constant complaining, and really bad music.

10 more days of Danielle, acting like it is beneath her to do the secretarial part of her job, acting like everything is all about her, acting like she runs the entire department

10 more days of hearing all the time how things aren’t working, hearing about the fighting

10 more days. And I couldn’t be happier.

And then after that….I can work from home, and my money situation will improve, and my work stress will pretty much disappear.


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The joy of playing hooky

Tim convinced me to play hooky on Friday, saying I was going to lose my sick time anyway when I left (2 weeks whoohooo!!). I lounged around all morning reading, we went to one of our favorite places for breakfast (Genie’s, right around the corner)– I had a wonderful vegetarian eggs benedict, tim had cinnamon honey french toast that was divine. We had planned to go down to the outlets and go shopping, but by the time we picked up Myra from school, we only would have had a little under 2 hours there before we had to head home.

We went to the Lloyd mall instead (I never feel as white I do when I’m at this mall) and I bought some new sweaters. I bought them from this Mom store, and in fact there were a lot of older women shopping in there. Despite that, they had some decent prices on basic things and the sweaters I got were cute. How sad is that that I did better in the mom clothing store than in Forever 21, where there wasn’t anything I would ever wear? Oh well.

I still need to go shopping for more fall and winter clothes, but I’m waiting to hear about the Umpqua bank job first, because if I’m just going to be freelancing, I need more play clothes, but If I get a job there, I need more dress clothes.

Friday night, Annette came over for dinnner. She was the temp who took over for Danielle while Danielle was in Scotland for two weeks. Annette is a cool older lady (she’s my mom’s age). She lived in Paris for 12 years, she’s a professional jazz singer and has worked with a lot of big name jazz people. She’s very outspoken. We had a nice dinner, although she is incredibly chatty. But still, it was a nice evening. It felt great having a hooky day with Tim, since he watches football all day on Sundays now, I miss these kind of days with him.

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She is on such a routine. The fact that we turned the clocks back an hour hasn’t thrown off that routine. This morning she woke up when she usually does, except instead of 7:20 it was 6:20. Yesterday, she started staring at us to give her lunch around 10:15 in the morning, because she usually starts trying to get it around 11:30.

I wonder how long it will take her to get back on her regular schedule, moved back an hour.

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learning to fly

“I’m learning to fly, but I ain’t got wings. Coming down is the hardest thing.

So I started out for god know’s where, I guess I’ll know when I get there. I’m learning to fly around the clouds.”

I’ve always liked this tom petty song, and it’s felt like something I could relate to at different points in my life, and now as I get ready to embark on a new job adventure, I definitely feel like it is true again…learning to fly without a safety net, learning to fly around my problems and heading down a path that I don’t know where it’s going, but looking forward to the journey.


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routines and rituals

Myra is a pup who loves her routine. She knows what time she is supposed to go to bed, she knows exactly when it is meal time (although she starts pulling the poor starving pup routine a good half hour to an hour before actual meal time lol). And she knows that when she goes to bed in her crate, when she wakes up, she goes out to pee and then she gets to sleep on the bed with Mama. That is the routine.
Last night, she got up on the bed but I wasn’t ready for bed yet. She wouldn’t settle, she kept getting down and going back up. Finally, she comes into the living room, and stares at me and when I get up and go toward the bedroom, she jumps on the bed, all happy. I clearly messed up her world by not getting right into bed with her. LOL.

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knit one, bitch two

I went to my friend lisa’s house last night for Stitch n bitch — lisa, her friend franny, me and knitting. Lisa and Franny showed me how to knit (I used to do some knitting in junior high, but I never really knew how to begin or end, so it really didn’t count). It was awkward, but I managed to make some progress, and they both said I picked it up pretty fast.

So now I have visions of warm scarves dancing in my head 🙂

If I get good at knitting, watch out people, you might get homemade gifts!

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Woke up tired and feeling blah-ish, and not wanting to meet a friend for our Saturday morning run in the woods. But I ended up going, with another friend, and several other women from our Saturday outdoors exercise class joined us (the instructor is travelling, but we decided to meet anyway).

Had a great workout. Ran in the woods for almost an hour. Did a bunch of plies and lunges and squats and standing push ups and stretching and felt alive and clean and healthy. It was longer than we normally run, and there were quite a few hills, but it felt so good to know I can still run for that long and that far.

Went for coffee with my friend after our workout, and had fun catching up with her.

The boy vaccuumed and folded laundry. Love him!

Later, we went back to the park where I ran in the morning and had a nice walk. Went to the mall where I got very yummy smelling cranberry body butter from The Body Shop. I love fall scents.

Then we went to Powells. I just absolutely love this bookstore, it makes me so excited to go there. Four floors. An entire city block. Bookshelves up to the ceiling on every floor. Used books right next to new books on the shelves. I’ve lived in Portland for over a year and I still haven’t come close to seeing all of this bookstore. Sheer book heaven. I bought the complete chronicles of narnia, the sisterhood of the travelling pants, and a fun fantasy book. Hooray!

After Powells, I dragged the boy to the gelato place across the street. mmmm. droool.

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