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Meet ShutterCal – a really awesome day-in-the-life social photo calendar site. The goal is for people to shoot every day, post it on the site, and see what your year looks like. There is no general theme, just to keep shooting, and share what you find.

I’ve wanted to get in the habit of shooting every day, and always having a camera on me. The iPhone, and the built-in camera, definitely help, but I want to just get in the habit of playing with my camera daily. It will help me grow as a photographer, and I really love photography, why not make it part of my daily life?

So, I joined ShutterCal and will be posting daily photos there.

Now, this week (when I started), I cheated slightly because not all these pictures were taken this week. But all of them were photo-edited this week in some way. The pumpkins, cranberries and light fixture were all taken this week, and the San Pedro and mermaid pictures were modified using iPhone apps this week.

I’m excited for this, and to see what I find when I make photography a daily habit 🙂

My ShutterCal page is here:



Happy clicking 🙂


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Have I mentioned that I love my iPhone? Love. And I really like that I have a camera on me at all times now — because as much as I love my beautiful, awesome, swoony Nikon D50, sometimes I don’t want to have a big camera with me. Having the built-in camera gives me a version of what I wanted anyway…a small camera to capture bits of my life when I don’t have my regular camera.

And…then iPhone has all these great photography apps.

Colorsplash makes images black and white and lets you color in sections that you choose.


Here’s the original



Aren’t the color effects pretty?


One of our wedding pics from the plantation


Scene from outside our resort in Belize.

It’s definitely a fun app to play with 🙂

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B is working on fulfilling one of his lifelong dreams this weekend, learning how to become a scuba diver (which means we will get to do lots of dives on our honeymoon!). He had the car all day yesterday and today, so I’ve had the house all to myself. Add to that, it has been rainy and cold, so the weather was just insisting I stay in my jammies and pillow slippers all weekend! I finished a great book, did some laundry, and put on some live Eva Cassidy and painted. Just about perfect.


We are seeing lots of flowered trees in bloom down here. In our neighborhood, pretty much everyone has these white flower trees, so it looks like you are walking amidt giant cotton balls. I love the flowers and blooms, but I really really want warm weather now!


March has definitely walked like a lion through here lately. I realize the lion’s face is a bit odd, but he is my first lion.

B has requested that I make up our calendars now, as a result of this. I think that is a fun idea!

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I’ve been having an art date with myself once a week for the past couple of weeks, it is great. I am loving it, I am having fun creating on a regular basis, and it is very necessary for my overall happiness.

What have you been creating lately? Have you been giving yourself time to play with your inner artist?


Where will your rainbow lead?

A gift of love, grace, happiness, inspiration, play, well being, peace of mind, wellness, love, celebrate yourself, art of life, joy.



Some days I’m your super girl. Her shirt says rock star super star, and the quote next to her says, “If it doesn’t absorb you, if it isn’t any fun, don’t do it.”

And this is very much an outfit I would wear on my super girl days. I think today needs to be a super girl day!

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I finally got my studio unpacked and set up. I still need more pictures and art in here, but I LOVE It!!!!Eventually, I will paint and have more inspiration in here, but it feels like me now 🙂



My window, with a fairy picture, a picture of Mt. Hood from Oregon, a picture of my Emma cat, candles.


Every studio should have a puppy. And a window with snow falling prettily in the background 🙂


Some fairies from an awesome 2008 calendar, some of my inspiration notes, Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. A-frickin-men!


More fairies and mermaids, Make your dreams out of stardust, I’m not like the girls you’ve known, and a collage with phrases like Awaken to your purpose.

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My wreck journal, under the glass surface of my coffee table


Mission: Write one word over and over. I chose love.


Some details — love is the key. Love is the gift. Love outside the box. LOVE!!


Love sticks out its tongue. Love front and backwards

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B went out to play in a poker tournament, and I had a lovely evening at home. I made pizza for myself, watched some of Notting Hill while I ate, then had American Idol on while I painted and played in my Wreck journal. Felt good to get covered in paint and glue!


The tags say Have fun, grow, embrace, dream, embrace life, scatter joy


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