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More iPhone photos that I’ve shot recently.

This, and the rest are from Get Dressed, a consignment/vintage/costume store in Raleigh. It’s an interesting, quirky store but didn’t have a lot of clothes I was interested in.

Chain mail was always so fashionable, I’m glad it is making a comeback.

A chain mail lingerie angel. It’s going to be the next big thing at Victoria’s Secret. Although, I hope this girl doesn’t go out in battle like this, she still has some vulnerable areas exposed to potential sword attacks.

Ok, fair warning, the picture below is truly frightening. Ready?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Most. Evil.Doll. EVER. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Husband in a velvet pimp hat, getting ready to lay the smack down.

The Material Girl


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I joined ShutterCal, and I’ve been shooting every day. I love that photography is becoming a habit, just something I always do. I was calling myself a photographer before, but my shooting was very sporadic. Now I am aware of when I shoot, and I make time for it every day. Sometimes, it is with Beloved Camera, my Nikon. But a lot of times, I am also shooting with my iPhone as well now. My Nikon images are prettier, but I love the simplicity of just capturing little slices of my life as I see them with the iPhone. Plus I have some fun photo apps so I can really make fun photo art with the iPhone. When I first got my iPhone, I used the camera rarely. Now I am always grabbing it to capture the little things that amuse or interest me.

My new favorite way to shoot is with ShakeitPhoto – this is all Darrah’s fault, entirely. She mentioned on Twitter how she had this fun Polaroid app, where you actually shake the picture to make it develop faster (Shake it like a Polaroid picture!) and it has the old school feel to it. Naturally, I had to go and download it so I could play too. It makes everything look cool and neat.

Downtown Durham, as I leave my office building

Cool light fixtures in the elevator lobby

Delicious sugarplums made by the amazing and lovely Jess

See? Even elevator buttons look cool when shot as a Polaroid

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I feel like things have become a chess game…do I move to the side? Do I try to move forward even though the path seems blocked? If I stay where I am, the game will crush me, defeat me.

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Meet ShutterCal – a really awesome day-in-the-life social photo calendar site. The goal is for people to shoot every day, post it on the site, and see what your year looks like. There is no general theme, just to keep shooting, and share what you find.

I’ve wanted to get in the habit of shooting every day, and always having a camera on me. The iPhone, and the built-in camera, definitely help, but I want to just get in the habit of playing with my camera daily. It will help me grow as a photographer, and I really love photography, why not make it part of my daily life?

So, I joined ShutterCal and will be posting daily photos there.

Now, this week (when I started), I cheated slightly because not all these pictures were taken this week. But all of them were photo-edited this week in some way. The pumpkins, cranberries and light fixture were all taken this week, and the San Pedro and mermaid pictures were modified using iPhone apps this week.

I’m excited for this, and to see what I find when I make photography a daily habit 🙂

My ShutterCal page is here:



Happy clicking 🙂

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