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I also downloaded an app for the iPhone that lets you make pictures into Polaroid-like images (not actually a Polaroid product)

puppy polaroid

couch polaroid

And an app that acts like many different camera styles, so you can get cool, pop art pictures like this:


This is the original of that shot:


or a fish-eye lens view:


Uh oh, Clive the Pocket Lion and Ducky are at the door. That can only mean trouble.


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We went out last night with our friends Andy and Jess and had such a great night. We went to Blue Corn Cafe, which is one of my favorite restaurants in Durham. After a great dinner, we then went to check out 3rd Friday Durham, where some galleries were open late, serving champagne and snacks. It was in this great space, converted mill buildings with big windows and lots of open space.

3 ah ah ah

Today’s art night is brought to you by the number 3

art letters

I fully admit to not understanding art. This was letters and words suspended from the ceiling, reflected in mirrors on the floor. Supposedly, it is supposed to mean something, but I just thought it looked neat.

tree lights

obama ice cream

Isn’t this a cool art display? I love the bird pictures, and adore the Obama ice cream picture. Unfortunately, the smallest prints were $50, which is more than I wanted to spend. But I do love it!

labour love

A neat pillow in the gallery

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Have I mentioned that I love my iPhone? Love. And I really like that I have a camera on me at all times now — because as much as I love my beautiful, awesome, swoony Nikon D50, sometimes I don’t want to have a big camera with me. Having the built-in camera gives me a version of what I wanted anyway…a small camera to capture bits of my life when I don’t have my regular camera.

And…then iPhone has all these great photography apps.

Colorsplash makes images black and white and lets you color in sections that you choose.


Here’s the original



Aren’t the color effects pretty?


One of our wedding pics from the plantation


Scene from outside our resort in Belize.

It’s definitely a fun app to play with ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sneak peek

As I’m starting to set up Flying Mermaid Photography, I offered to do some free portrait sessions to help build up my portfolio. I’ve done five portfolio sessions, three of which were kid portraits. I LOVE doing the kid portraits. My approach is to show the kids being kids, not posed or staged. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, especially from the moms.

I had my third photo session on Wednesday, with 2-year-old Sadie. I haven’t gone through all the photos to edit yet, but I wanted to post a teaser, because I am just so pleased with how they came out. I really love being a photographer. I feel like I become truly alive when I’m shooting, and I also feel like it is the most perfect mediation, nothing else matters when I’m shooting. GRIN!


Meet Sadie.


She had just woken up from a nap in the car. I love the sweetness of this shot.


Still sleepy and BELLY!


It is probably wise to be cautious when approaching a flower bigger than you.


Sitting at the pond


She was actually having a temper tantrum here, and very much didn’t want to get up, or off the bridge. But she looks like a resting angel. Love this shot.

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I wrote that on a little inspiration card I painted.

I have it hanging in my cube at work.

I see it every day.

I know it to be true.

And still…I forget the simple truth of it.

I forget that I can choose to focus on things that make me happy, or I can focus on what is bothering me, what is bringing me down.

In general, I am a happy girl and don’t have much difficulty finding happy, joyful moments. Tilting my head up to the sun and putting my arms out to fly in the wind on nice days. Watching thunderstorms. Smiling at the flowers.

But still, even then, I can still forget that I can choose happiness. I can choose to focus on joy (go visit the amazing Brandi for all sorts of stuff on focusing on joy…she is the original Joy Rebel, and has the army to prove it!).

Things have been a bit challenging lately. B is unhappy with work. I am not in love with what I am doing. We have both been feeling stuck. And yesterday, yesterday was not a good day. Nothing earth-shattering. Nothing major in the grand scheme of things. But still, it ended up with me crying on hubby’s shoulder (which is something hubby shoulders are good for).

But the worst of it…I was only focusing on what was WRONG. It became all I saw. It felt like all that was there, it felt like all I could feel.

And then I remembered. Happiness is a choice. Happiness is something I can choose to focus on. It’s in my power. It IS a power.

And today, I did just that.

I’m wearing a fun head scarf and twirly skirty with black canvas sneakers today.

I drove in to work, blasting Keeps Getting Better by Christina Aguilera and Womanizer by Britney Spears, bopping along and singing at the top of my lungs.

I am doing a photoshoot tonight for Flying Mermaid Photography.

I set up some coupons for people who did free sessions with me to help me set up my portfolio, to hopefully start having some photo sales.

Choosing to focus on happiness left me not feeling so stuck, not so overwhelmed with what was bringing me down.

Nothing has drastically changed. What was bothering me yesterday is still there today. But I’m not making it bigger by focusing all my energy on it. And that made all the difference.

I’m choosing happiness and fun and joy today. And it is something I can always choose.

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As I’m a mermaid girl who loves her some photography, I bought a reusable underwater camera for my honeymoon. I didn’t do that much diving, but I did go snorkeling with rays and turtles and nurse sharks — I even got to hold a 6′ long nurse shark!

From a Belizean mermaid’s backyard:


He creeps me out a little.



The mermaid in her natural habitat


Mermaid love



The nurse sharks


Mr. Turtle is my father.


Do you have your exit buddy?


I didn’t want to get too close to this guy!

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Hubby and I needed a recharging weekend, he’s been very stressed at work, and I needed some relaxing, outdoor time.

I found Pilot Knob Inn, a charming B&B located about two hours away from home, out past Winston-Salem.

Before checking in, we went to Hanging Rock State Park, hiked up to the bouldering field and got to try our first attempt at outdoor bouldering. Now because we didn’t have any bouldering pads or anything, we stayed really low to the ground, so we wouldn’t get hurt if we fell. It was frustrating, because we very much wanted to climb higher and play on the rocks more, but we were suitably wary of broken bones or worse.

The bouldering field was incredible, I described it as a giant’s playground. Huge big rocks, climb a little path and find even more around the corner. We will definitely be going back!

Then we went to check in to our little log cabin!


Isn’t it darling? We completely fell in love with it. It was the honeymoon suite ๐Ÿ™‚


porch sitting

Our front porch! We stood out here and watched an awesome thunderstorm.

black kitty

There were four kittens who lived under our porch. They were happy to sit on the porch with us, but wouldn’t let us pet them. Their mom checked us out, and decided we were mostly harmless.

black white kitty

orange kitty

I love pink kitten feet

kitten pile

Kitten pile!!

cabin path

Isn’t this peaceful and beautiful? I felt so relaxed staying here.


Our birdhouse at the cabin

hubby and pup

Hubby and a pup who lived on the property, love at first sight for both.

bridge pose

A rare mermaid on a bridge sighting

bridge pose 2

bridge hubby

Hubby on swinging bridge


Some of theย  yummy fruit spread I had for breakfast today

pilot mtn

pilot mtn tree

Today, we drove up to Pilot Mountain.


Then went to a nearby vineyard

slow grapes

I didn’t know there were fast grapes and slow grapes

grapes working

But even though they are slow grapes, they are hard workers

fruit wine

And they make lovely wines!

And that was our weekend! We came home feeling relaxed and that we had a chance to unwind, and really get away from everything, even though we were only gone for two days.

Hooray for mini getaways!

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