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Friday Fill-ins

1. ___BAS__ makes me happy.
2. I would like __lots more laughter___, please.
3. __Tomato Pesto___ tastes SO good!
4. __Thursday___ is my favorite day of the week because _you have a whole weekend of possibilities before you____.
5. ____My hair is_ my best feature.
6. We could learn so much from __animals___.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to __journaling___, tomorrow my plans include __working (doing this on Sunday)___ and Sunday, I want to __(today I did errands and talked on the phone a lot!) :)___!


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Friday’s Feast

How many times per day do you usually laugh?

I laugh all the time. I couldn’t even begin to count. There are so many things that make me laugh.

What do your sunglasses look like?

Uh. Don’t own sunglasses. Have clip-ons that go on over my glasses, but I don’t even know where they are. I just squint and hold my hand over my eyes.

You win a free trip to anywhere on your continent, but you have to travel by train. Where do you go?

Ohh. California coast please. Get to see the whole country by train, and then get to play on the California Coast.

Main Course
Name one thing you consider a great quality about living in your town/city.

I think living where Duke University is located is pretty cool.

If the sky could be another color, what color do you think would look best?

Hm. I think sparkly purple would be good, a nice contrast to the Sun, a good backdrop to clouds.

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Cliffs in Ireland  

When you get to the edge of a cliff, you have to jump and trust you will find your wings.

My life has changed drastically in recent weeks, and while change can be sad, it is also for the better and making room for more positive growth.

Tim and I reached a very mutual decision to break up, shortly after I returned from my trip to Massachusetts to help my mother.

It was something we had both felt for awhile. We realized that we love and care about each other, but our paths have gone in different directions and that we aren’t what the other needs to be happy. He will be moving back to Massachusetts next weekend, he has really missed New England and his friends there.

I will be staying here, and in a few weeks, my best friend will be moving in with me, along with her 3-legged German Shepherd, Loki. Myra WonderPup adores him. She was moving down here anyway, and was going to stay here while she got on her feet. Now, she will move down as my roommate. It works well for both of us. Now, I just have to work on being a good roommate, and keeping the house a lot cleaner than I have been used to. Lol.

And, recently, I talked about when you hold a wish in your heart, that the universe listens and works to bring it about in her own time. I have recently reconnected with my first love, the boy I loved in college, and even though we took different paths for about a decade, he never really left my thoughts. I learned after reconnecting with him, that I never really left his thoughts either. I always felt that our journey wasn’t done, and almost immediately after he came back to my life, I realized he never really left my heart either. There is much brightness in front of me on that path.

There will be much more to say in coming weeks and months, as I leave one path and head down another. But while the path I’ve been on has been a good one, and it brought me many good lessons, I know the time has come to leap to a new path. I am certain it is going to be an amazing journey.

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I am so freakin’ there

The New Kids on the Block are staging a comeback


Does life get much better than that? I’m not sure.

They were my boy band. They were my first concert (I thought I was so cool).

I fully intended to marry Jordan Knight. I had a poster of him in my room. I used to kiss the poster. I had a video of New Kids live in concert. I watched it every single day, and then I would rewind it and watch it again.  I knew all their songs by heart.

It was true love. For about two or three years.
“oh oh oh. Oh oh oh oh. Oh oh oh. The Right stuff.”

I just had to download some of their songs from iTunes. I can still visualize the dance they would do.

It amuses me that they are planning a comeback. Jonathan, the oldest is 40. 40. You can’t be in a boy band at 40. But I don’t care. There is no way I can miss out an opportunity for so much cheese.

When tickets go on sale, I am so freakin’ there. Anyone want to join me??

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Today, I am bohemian/arty/funky/glittery Kelly

Lots of glittery gold/copper eyeshadow

Brown corduroy jacket

Brown tshirt with a really cool tree in gold leaf paint

Green corduroy skirt

Grey tights

Brown bitch boots

lots of jangly sparkle bangle bracelets

crystal wrapped in gold necklace

Fun dangly earrings that I’m not even positive are mine but I like them (and I have no idea where I got them) 

lots of rings, silver and turquoise 


I hope whatever version of you you are today, I hope you have fun and celebrate and feel confident. And hopefully sassy and sparkly.

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It reads:

Emerging from the clouds



Her own

Magic wand



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Image: A Portland snowy day

You step together, slide into each other’s arms

The moves are as familiar, as known as heartbeats

You move as one yet still remain two

One gently leads

One quietly follows

Both are necessary to the dance.

You have mastered the art, but it’s easy to lose the steps

You can look away or get distracted

Start to break the circle

But there’s magic in the dance

Home in each other’s arms.

Close your eyes and see the spark

Let it be your guide

Find your own rhythm

and fly off, dancing cheek to cheek

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