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Have you heard about Mondo Beyondo? It’s all about dreaming big, really big, letting yourself say the big, wild, crazy dreams that are in your soul, the ones the gremlins shout the loudest at, the ones that scare the beejesus out of you because they are what you really want to pursue.

I  made a mondo beyondo list a while ago (pictured above), but I didn’t do anything with it. Because, well, it’s scary to announce your biggest, wildest dreams. But it’s not very Mondo or Beyondo if you don’t share them. If you don’t really release them out into the world. So, I finally feel ready to shout to the world, Hey world, these are my dreams. This is what I want in my life. I am going to make it happen, I’m ready! It seems like the right time to release these out into the universe. Especially since I have chosen Joy as my word of the year, and told the Universe in no uncertain terms on Dec. 31 that I intended to focus on creativity, fun and photography this year.

Here is my Mondo Beyondo list.

It reads:

I, Kelly Ann Shaw, do solemnly vow to make this come true.

Dear Universe,

I welcome your assistance and signs.

A photo show of my work in a gallery.

A successful photography business, both my portraits and my art photos

Time to really travel in Italy, Greece, Ireland, Spain

Publish a photo book of people I meet with their stories(this one surprised me a bit)

Have an awesome, life long love adventure with Brian

Publish several of my book stories

Not needing to work an office desk job because my photography and writing pays the bills

Support Brian emotionally as he grows his dreams

Run and finish a marathon

Get and stay in awesome shape

Spend time living on an island with B

Have a story published in a magazine with photos that I took

Pay off all our debt

Make enough to help my parents financially

The little details around the collage include:

Dream, hope, believe, Dream Big, reach for the stars, bloom, way to go, There are many wonderful things that will never be done if you do not do them.

Come on Universe, let’s get busy!


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There is an ancient Chinese curse, May all your wishes come true, meaning that often people wish for things they don’t want, don’t need and would probably be better off without, and if all your wishes came true, it might not be what you expected at all. 

But wishes are things of powerful magic, especially when they are wishes that live in your heart and stay with you. When they are true wishes, the universe listens and begins opening doors and unfolding paths to bring the wish to life. But the universe operates with a different sense of time than you or me. Sometimes, it might not seem like the universe is listening, but she is, and she is working at her own pace. And she is all about timing — her timing, when she knows things are right, not when you want them to happen. I subscribe to the Notes from the Universe, and one of the most common messages, is to not concern yourself with the “how” things will work out, and just hold on to what is in your heart and let the Universe begin opening the doors to get you there. 

When you hold a wish in your heart, the universe listens. And one day, what seems like out of the blue, what you wished for will appear in your life, and then the Universe steps aside and lets you decide whether to accept the wish that manifested. The wish will not usually come for free, because there is always a choice. And it can appear to be a scary choice. But almost always the greatest journeys begin with a leap of faith. And taking that leap — it’s what it is all about, really. And often, those leaps are the ones you need to get on the path you need to be on. 

The universe does listen. 

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The gifts I would really like to give to the people I love are of the intangible sort that are hard to wrap up and put under a tree. So I will list them here instead. While I realize that won’t make my wishes real, I firmly believe that putting positive energy and good wishes out into the universe, especially directed at specific people, is never a bad thing.

For SheHangsBrightly, I wish for her heart to start healing, I wish for her to find a new job that will make her money situation feel less tight, and for her to find happiness again — first with herself, and then with a significant other.

For my mom, I wish for her back to heal even more so she isn’t in pain after a long day at work.

For my parents, I wish them financial health, because I know it adds so much stress to both of them.

For Tim, I wish for a new job that would challenge him and would give him growth opportunity.

For Omgirly, I wish for health for her new pup, Keeley

For BlissWarrior, I wish for peace from the ex.

For Daisies, I wish for healing for her heart, because I know she and her family have suffered many losses and it takes its toll.

For Savannah, I wish for success in the coming semester.

For B, who I am so very happy to have back in my life, I wish for success with his new role/project at work, although I know he will be kickass at it.

Happy holidays and love,

Kelly the Flying Mermaid

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