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Have you heard about Mondo Beyondo? It’s all about dreaming big, really big, letting yourself say the big, wild, crazy dreams that are in your soul, the ones the gremlins shout the loudest at, the ones that scare the beejesus out of you because they are what you really want to pursue.

I  made a mondo beyondo list a while ago (pictured above), but I didn’t do anything with it. Because, well, it’s scary to announce your biggest, wildest dreams. But it’s not very Mondo or Beyondo if you don’t share them. If you don’t really release them out into the world. So, I finally feel ready to shout to the world, Hey world, these are my dreams. This is what I want in my life. I am going to make it happen, I’m ready! It seems like the right time to release these out into the universe. Especially since I have chosen Joy as my word of the year, and told the Universe in no uncertain terms on Dec. 31 that I intended to focus on creativity, fun and photography this year.

Here is my Mondo Beyondo list.

It reads:

I, Kelly Ann Shaw, do solemnly vow to make this come true.

Dear Universe,

I welcome your assistance and signs.

A photo show of my work in a gallery.

A successful photography business, both my portraits and my art photos

Time to really travel in Italy, Greece, Ireland, Spain

Publish a photo book of people I meet with their stories(this one surprised me a bit)

Have an awesome, life long love adventure with Brian

Publish several of my book stories

Not needing to work an office desk job because my photography and writing pays the bills

Support Brian emotionally as he grows his dreams

Run and finish a marathon

Get and stay in awesome shape

Spend time living on an island with B

Have a story published in a magazine with photos that I took

Pay off all our debt

Make enough to help my parents financially

The little details around the collage include:

Dream, hope, believe, Dream Big, reach for the stars, bloom, way to go, There are many wonderful things that will never be done if you do not do them.

Come on Universe, let’s get busy!


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Come in, come in, don’t be shy. Come, sit in my cafe. Rest. Relax. Enjoy good food.

Here you will find gluten-free, dairy-free food that is yummy and will make you happy. Have other allergies? Let me know, we can work out something. No one should feel like they can’t enjoy good food in a cafe. Don’t have food allergies? Don’t worry, this is all stuff that has been tested on people who don’t have to eat this way but still really enjoy these recipes.

Here you will find comfy chairs, bean bags, pillows, blankets. Stay a while.

You will find an eclectic mix of music. Some independent stuff. Some off-the-mainstream stuff. And some Van Morrison, of course. And when my love and I start dancing around the cafe, feel free to join in with  us.

On the walls, you will see some of our photos, photos from travels, photos from daily adventures, and photos of some of our customers. We want to know your stories. You will find snippets of life stories from our customers scattered around. After all, I am a reporter at heart, and I want to get to know you.

You will find cool quotes in unusual places — walls, maybe on chairs, tables, who knows! Add your own!

Come join us, won’t you?

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I found this on the lovely site Daisies @ pluckthepetal.com and had to steal it.

The challenge is this:

“5 things you want to be when you grow up. Big dreams that seem like folly, but in your heart of hearts are very real and dear to you. Things that maybe you have forgotten about in the ebb and flow and toil of the everyday, but that never really leave your soul. What you would do if anything at all at all was possible. Spend some time day dreaming…and then post them on your blog, passing the idea along to 5 others..because sometimes we need to pause and remember our dreams, hey? Maybe just saying it out loud will help you discover even little ways you can make them happen. You can write about that, too.”

1. I want to be a writer (different and apart from what I do for my 9-5 job, and different from what I do on my blog). I want to be a published children’s book author. I want to have a book of essays and short stories published. I want to walk into a bookstore and see a book written and illustrated by me. I want to be a real writer.

2. I want to be a potter. I want to spend hours and hours working and playing with clay, shaping it, throwing it, growing it into something new, shaping it into visions from my head. I want to be covered in clay and paint, with paint flecks in my hair and Indigo Girls blasting in my studio. I want to take people standing outside my studio watching me work and make them get dirty and play with clay.

3. I want to be a dive master, with a little beach shack where I rent dive equipment and I take people out on dives. I want to be a beach bum, wake everyday to the beach (god how I miss the ocean and seeing it daily), walk barefoot in the sand, run on the beach, and then start my work day of playing in the water.

4. I want to own a bookstore with a gluten-free, dairy-free cafe with really great food, so people with food allergies can go to a cafe and sit curled up with a book and a cup of coffee and a muffin or scone or a great little pasta salad. I want to have big floor pillows on the floor, I want to have several forts set up where you can curl up and read and color, I want a huge, vibrant children’s section. I want to be surrounded by books at all times, and by people who love books as much as I do.

5. I don’t want to or intend on growing up. I want to be like my Auntie El, one of the coolest, most vibrant women I know, who is….80? And has more energy than most people I know. I want to hike mountains when I am 70, I want to go sky-diving when I am 75. I want to go grocery shopping in bright purple wig when I am 80. I want to always play on swings and blow bubbles and dance in coffee shops and conduct Christmas in Sarajevo by the Trans Siberian Orchestra whenever it comes on. I want to run as long as my body will let me. I want to be like the little old woman I met once in a laundry mat, who was really pretending to be old, but as soon as she saw that I was reading Harry Potter, her eyes came alive, she stood up taller and I could see the little girl who was pretending to be old.

I tag She Hngs Brightly, Dandelion Seeds, Savannah, Bliss Warrior, Dancing Mermaid and Jen Lemen

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From the Wonderful Dandelion Seeeds and the Try New Things Club, the start of a life list. Thank you for the inspiration to do this. I know and believe in the importance and power of putting things in writing, helps you really work towards those goals, helps the universe manifest energy around those things for you. And yeah, it is scary to put it out there, because then you are committing to working towards them. And then you have to work to make the life you want. A very good thing, and scary can be vital.

1. Swim with dolphins 2. Learn to play guitar 3. Publish my books and short stories 4. Learn to make a really great gluten-free apple pie 4. Take a pottery class 5. Go to a pottery painting studio. 6. Learn glass blowing 7. Sell some of my photos 8. Learn more about my family history. Talk to my parents about when they were kids, teens, my age. Find out what they wanted their life to be. What they remember of their parents. 9. Find more waterfalls 10. Participate in a triathalon, even a short one. 11. Do a trail run half-marathon 12. Scuba Dive in Cozumel, Hawaii, Japan. 13. Take an Alaskan cruise 14. Go sea kayaking 15. Go on a car road trip with She Hangs Brightly, Dandelion Seeds and Savannah. 16. Learn how to walk in heels and look sexy (and not fall) 17. Learn to make kick-ass gluten-free bread. 18. Buy a pair of jeans that actually fits me really well and flatters me. 19. Learn Italian 20. Live in Italy for at least a month with Tim 21. Know the name of at least two alcoholic drinks that I like and can order 22. Get married barefoot 23. Actually hang up our art in our house 24. Buy a house with a porch so I can have a porch swing, a window seat where I can journal and Sam can curl up with me, with a yard big enough for MyraWonderPup and her (eventual) brother to play in, with a kitchen that I love with lots of useable counter space, with lots of natural light. 25. Publish a book of essays

This will continue to grow. The goal is to get to 100.

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I.NEED. a baby panda. Seriously.



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The only car I really love and go nuts for. WANT this.

Click on the link, then click on the photo at the top of the page. So very pretty.

Mini Cooper Convertible

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wish list

Things I am dreaming about buying

This skin care productsounds like it would really help my skin.

This book looks very cool.

this and this

Writing jewelry!

Rain boots for the greyest Portland day

This body lotion in Black Raspberry Vanilla or Asian Plum Blossom

And of course, This. Just introduced today. Way more money than I would ever consider spending. Way more phone than I ever need. But it’s so damn cool!! I am officially an Apple nerd now.

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