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The group at work wanted to go out for drinks Friday night. I wasn’t going to go, but figured after the week we had, I should go out and do something fun with them.

Michele gave me a lift home, and we passed a bus with a Legacy billboard, listing out their hospitals and such. Then yesterday, I decide to look at the hospitals to see if they have any new jobs. I go on Legacy’s system, and what do I find but a posting for PR and Communication specialist, posted on Friday. I’ve been looking at them a few times, but wasn’t ever really ready to leave OHSU. But since things have been so crazy lately, I am finally open to leaving. And this was the first time a job like this opened up.

I’m way more than qualified for it, and on top of that, I work for OHSU. OHSU is the prestigious hospital around here, and all the other hospitals want to steal OHSU employees. Since I got my job at OHSU fairly easily, I’m pretty sure they will at least call me for an interview.

I’m also positioning myself more and more on Sue’s side. I don’t know if her position will be approved, but if it is, I am in a very good place to get that job. So either way, my job situation is looking better, and I feel more in control, both of which are really good.

*However, I still need to remember the golden rule with my mother. I told her about my week, and told her about the job I found yesterday, and she was all weird about me applying. Golden rule: don’t share stuff like that with her.


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bad to worse….

Oy with the poodles already. What a week last week was.

So, after Trish talked to all of us after HR came down to the office, we met as a group on Tuesday. We were identifying ways to improve communication within the group, and better ways of tracking down Trish when we need her. We talked about having access to her calendar, calling her on her cell phone, sending her red envelope e-mails for really urgent stuff.

Tuesday itself was a crazy crazy day. Had a million things going on and kept getting interupted so I couldn’t finish anything. And of course half of the stuff was stuff I was trying to do for Trish, who kept coming in and either asking if I had finished them yet or giving me more direction. I wanted to scream…if you leave me alone for 15 minutes I can get this stuff done.

Wed. comes around, and Trish is working from home. She cancels Kathryn’s meeting for the cancer annual report and Kathryn is doing everything possible to track her down, call her house, call her cell, send her urgent emails, all while Trish is responding to stupid stuff about where to take our intern to lunch.

Kathryn flips, and calls the head of HR again. Head of HR wants to talk to us as a group and comes down around 5 and talks to all us except Patrick. Everyone’s stress and anger and resentment came out, as we all outlined how insane and erratic Trish has become, and how she blocks us from getting stuff done. It was long and emotional, but it seems like a final decision on Trish will be coming soon. The head of HR was asking things like “what would it be like if Trish weren’t here?” and that she has talked to the head of the hospital and will talk to him again.

So maybe there is some hope. Her contract is up in June, and they make their decisions about whether or not to renew in May, so hopefully they will make that decision soon. It won’t be a fun month, but at least if I know the end is in sight, it will make it easier to deal with.

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walk friends

Bruno, the little chocolate lab puppy. We met him the other day. So sweet, so cute. He awoke my barely dormant puppy fever.

The cat I named Molly. I met her last night, big white and orange fluffy cat. As soon as I stopped to pet her, she offered me her belly (hussy!) and was demanding attention. Later, when we were heading home, she ran across the street so I could pet her again. I pet her, we talked for a bit, I played with her with a stick. I know she’s not a street cat, she is much too fat and sweet, I just wish people wouldn’t let their cats out.

The littlest dog ever, who we met last night. Terrified of everything, and will only follow people from a safe distance behind them.

I love walking in our neighborhood 🙂

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Earth Day was yesterday, and the weather has been perfect all weekend. Happy weathter. Sun, blue skies, wind, lots of flowers, temps in high 60s, low 70s.

Perfect Sunday today. Tim took Myra to school this morning, leaving us free to lounge and read and drink coffee and just ease into the Sunday. Really nice. We picked her up from school, gave her lunch and then left her at home to nap and flop.

I took Tim to a bunch of neighborhoods he hasn’t been to yet: Alberta, Beaumont and Broadway, all in NE. He likes NE as much as I knew he would, especially lower NE. The houses are gorgeous and you are close to a lot of stuff. We are definitely going to look at buying a house or a duplex in that area.

We went to the Lloyd Center Mall (nice stores, lots of trashy people) and Tim used his Oregon tax return and bought a sweet new Nikon digital camera. Really good digital camera. After we put Myra to bed we wandered around the neighborhood taking pictures, and it is so great to see Tim so happy to be taking photos again.

Yesterday, I went with Ava to First Impressions for the first of the store closing sale trips. Got a bunch of new stamps, some cool markers, and just generally had fun. I plan on going back at least for the 75% off sale in two weeks. I was playing with them in my journal tonight and it was a lot of fun.

Watched lots of Gilmore Girls, started watching Buffy, and just generally had a perfect Tim and Kelly weekend.

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I’m the snitch???

Patrick talked to HR this week about Trish, about how unprofessional she is, how she doesn’t support the team, how she is very erratic, etc.

Our HR rep went to the head of HR, who was horrified at what was going on in our department. Then the head of HR comes storming over to our building yesterday for an improntu meeting with Trish (very unprofessional of her to have that meeting in Trish’s office, I thought).

They were in there for a long time. Trish comes out and has clearly been crying. She goes right into a meeting with Kathleen and Kathryn, and immediately does the high school thing of trying to figure out who went to HR. Kathleen and Kathryn say it wasn’t them, so Trish starts trying to figure out who she made mad in the last two weeks. She settled on me, since she gave me her work then disappeared entirely (work that I shouldn’t be doing and have no interest in). Then she did the even more childish thing of covering her eyes so she wouldn’t see by looking at Kathleen and Kathryn if that was the right answer.

So now I’m the snitch. I have to meet with Trish today. And I will certainly tell her that I want no part of her work, and that if she is going to give me stuff I have never done, she can’t expect to know what I am doing, but I think I will just play dumb and say I don’t know who talked.

Gaaaa. This whole thing is so insane, so unprofessional. I don’t know whether to be amused or horrified or both.

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New morning routine. Myra starts flopping around on the bed, wanting us to pet her, we both wake up and pet her as she rolls around. It’s early, but she’s so cute, it’s hard to be mad.

She usually gets up around 6:15, which I can’t say I am too fond of. She’ll chew on her bone for a while then squeak till I get up with her. We’ll play wrestle for a few minutes and then I’ll take her out and either on a walk or to school.

I have never been a morning person, I likely will never be a morning person, but I am enjoying our morning routine. It is so quiet outside when I walk her, the light is soft and there aren’t many people walking around. Walking around in Ladd’s Addition you don’t even hear many cars, so it is very peaceful. People wave and smile when they see you walking, and I always hope to see the Chinese man and woman on their walk too. I believe the woman is a nun and the man is a monk. The man has the sweetest face I’ve ever seen and when he smiles, it just lights up his face.

Or when I’m driving her to school. Yesterday, it was really foggy, but the fog and mist were tinged with pink because of the sunrise and I always notice new things on our walk or on a drive to school. It’s a very nice way to start the day.

I just wish she didn’t insist on starting it so early!

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weekend roundup

It was a very nice weekend. Friday, I went for a run, came home and had fish & chips then we went to Powells. I love wandering around there. I bought Charlotte’s Web, one of my favorite books from when I was little.

Saturday, I met Tawny for breakfast at Jam on Hawthorne. Had a belgian waffle with hazelnuts and berry sauce…so good. It was so raw and windy and rainy for the first part of Saturday that we didn’t do a whole lot. We started watching Anne of Green Gables, and I can’t believe I haven’t watched it before now. In the words of Anne, I would be a kindred spirit. The movie/miniseries was great.

Yesterday, I met Celena, Toni’s friend who recently moved out here. We went for a walk in Mt. Tabor park. It is beautiful. I love how many parks are right inside the city limits. It ended up pouring and hailing at one point, so we were pretty soggy, but it was still a nice walk.

It had everything a good weekend should have, including nap time 🙂 I just wish I didn’t have to go in today, but alas, I should.

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