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“The answer is 21. 7 times 3. The answer is 21.”

The voice came from near her computer monitor, but Mina steadfastly ignored it.

“Why are you working on math homework? You know I will give you the right answers. You should really work on your history assignment.”

This time, the voice came from her left side, near her ear, but still Mina didn’t react except to grit her teeth.

“You know what the dentist told you. If you keep gritting and grinding your teeth, you are going to have to wear a mouth guard for at least two more years.” This time, the voice was distinctly coming from the top of her head.

Finally, Mina couldn’t stand it anymore. “Gaaaa! Don’t you get it? I’m gritting my teeth because of you. Why don’t you go away???”

At that, her father, or rather the three-inch tall image of him, just grinned and sat down next to her keyboard. “Because, Mina, you don’t want me to go away.”

“But you’re not real. No one else sees you. I told my teacher, and she said I was having visions and seeing things that aren’t real again. I told Mom, and she just started crying and went into her room and didn’t come out. You’re not real.”

“I’m real to you, aren’t I? That makes me real. I promise I am not a vision.”

“But then why I am the only one who can see you?? I know how crazy it looks when I am having a conversation with someone no one else can see. People just look at me, and then look away, and then look at me out of the corner of their eye, like they want to see what I do, but they don’t want to be caught watching. And now I’m doing it again, I’m talking to you! And no one but me can see you!”


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I have a confession. I am a work drone. I very, very rarely take a lunch. I bring my lunch almost every day, eat at my desk, usually working. The rare times I leave it is to go to the bank, or maybe pick up lunch and then go right back to my desk. And then I wonder why it feels like I don’t have time for me, time for my photography, time for writing.

So the other day, when I was heading out the door, I grabbed my camera, grabbed my journal and planned to *gasp* leave the office building and go enjoy some time doing things I love.

I work at Duke University and on the far side of campus is Duke Gardens.

I found this to be so calming

I loved this little girl. I am always a little uncomfortable taking pictures of children, because I worry that their parents will think I am some kind of camera freak who takes pictures of strangers’ children.

If you look closely, there is a bird behind the boat.

When the world wearies and ceases to satisfy, there is always the garden.

I returned to work calm and energized and feeling like I had had a mini vacation during the work day. I’m going to try to do something like this once a week.

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My crazy pup

Mama, don’t you want my toy??

She gets very obsessed about her toys. And also kind of looks like a gremlin.

I think they both want the toy!

What?? I got sumfin in my teef or sumfin?

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Live long in blog land and prosper!

Now you are famous 🙂

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Dear reader,

You found my blog by searching on the phrase, “can you eat mermaid”

I will give you the definitive answer now and say NO, you cannot eat mermaid.

We are magical creatures, and sometimes hard to find (and harder to catch), but if you ever did catch a mermaid, you may NOT eat her.

Don’t underestimate the powers of mermaid, just because we tend to be lovely and love to play in the waves. We can be fierce fighters and are much, much stronger than we look. And you can rest assured that if you tried to eat one of us, the phrase “hell hath no fury” would take on a new level of meaning as we raised the seas to defend our sister.

And I’m sorry dear reader, but this comes across as an attack on me, and my fellow mermaid sisters. Don’t be surprised if a rip tide pulls you out to sea the next time you go in the ocean. Just saying. And I certainly wouldn’t count on any mermaids or dolphins saving you if you start to drown. Unless, we feel like having a snack. 😀

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That you are being stared at, and then you turn around to find….DEMONS on the other side of the door???

Or at least Demon Dogs, possibly marked by The Beast?

It happens, my friends. It might go unreported in the news, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

You have been warned.

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Try new things!

Like Belly dancing! Go on, I dare you.

I am starting belly dancing lessons tonight!

I will be taking lessons once a week with some ladies and friends from work (there might be other people there, but I think we are the majority of the class).

It is something I have always wanted to try, I think it will be fun and great exercise, and if there are side benefits…well, let’s just say that is ok too 🙂

My friends E, G and I had been talking about belly dancing, and then when we found a program nearby that was offering lessons starting this week, we begin talking to other women at work, to get them interested. We got some people I didn’t expect, and I LOVE that…when people have this inner, fun side that you don’t expect, and it comes out in neat ways. I try to encourage that out of people as much as possible, actually.

So wish me luck as I shake my hips and laugh with friends and try not to fall over and kill myself in the process 🙂

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