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How could anyone tell you you’re anything less than beautiful

How could anyone tell you you’re anything less than whole

How could anyone fail to notice

your loving is a miracle

so completely part of my soul.

— Lyrics from a song I heard a long time ago. For anyone who has doubted themselves, doubted their worth, or felt less than, I hope these words put a gentle, loving end on 2007 for you and I hope 2008 brings love, laughter, adventures and some magic. Magic, you say? Yes — magic is key, and it is all around you, you just have to be open to it. And when you see a Flying Mermaid, don’t forget to make a wish!

Happy New Year’s 🙂


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A Friday’s Feast prompt (yes, I know it is Sunday, and I did Sunday Scribblings yesterday. Deal :p )

Name 2 things you would like to accomplish in 2008.

I want to set up an ETSY shop or similar to sell my photographs 

I want to send “The Invisible Elephant” off to publishers. 

With which cartoon character do you share personality traits?

I was going to automatically say Ariel because she is a red-headed mermaid, much like me, but I think I am probably more like Lilo from Lilo and Stitch — I will take in and fall in love with the strays that no one else wants, and no one else can see what makes them special.
What time of day (or night) were you born?

7:31 a.m. However, I am not by nature a morning person 

Main Course
Tell us something special about your hometown.

My hometown is home to my favorite beach. It is not the most glamorous or dramatic, it is a quiet beauty, and it is perfect. It isn’t touristy. It isn’t overly built up. And it has migratory sand. Every year, the sand leaves sometime around the end of September, and returns sometime around early June. I don’t quite know why this is. 

If you could receive a letter from anyone in the world, who would you want to get one from?

I would want to get a letter from my grandfather who died when I was four. 

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The following was inspired by a creative writing prompt — weave a story that revolves around the cliche, “drown your sorrows.” This is an entirely fictional post, don’t worry about me! 

I don’t get the expression, “drown your sorrows.” I have tried it, numerous times, and it hasn’t worked yet. I tried sitting at the bottom of the neighborhood swimming pool, but I kept floating to the surface. I grabbed some things to weigh me down and tried again, but unfortunately, I grabbed one of the kid’s floating devices. It would be my luck that on the day that I am trying to drown my sorrows, there aren’t any heavy rocks conveniently located nearby.

I tried drinking an entire gallon of water in about two minutes. I just ended up with a stomachache and had to pee a lot for the rest of the day.

I tried drowning my sorrows in the bathtub. But the water kept draining off every time I tried, and I would have to stop and add more water. I finally gave up and toweled off, and was rather annoyed to see that my skin was so wrinkly.

I tried drowning my sorrows with alcohol, but I am the ultimate lightweight drinker. I have one drink, start feeling all silly and giddy (and the fact that I was feeling silly and giddy wasn’t helping me to drown my sorrows) and then I get sleepy. I suppose I could sleep off my sorrows, but drowning them seems so much more harsh and final.

So, the fact that I have failed, repeatedly, at drowning my sorrows, surely that must be added to my sorrow list. I wonder if I put my sorrows onto a boat, if I sunk the boat, could I drown my sorrows that way? That will have to be an experiment for a different day, because I have to go pee again.

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Then I was really shy, especially in crowds

Now, I am comfortable talking to just about anyone and rarely feel like the shy wallflower girl anymore. I still feel a little shy at times, but it doesn’t paralyze me.

Then, I felt invisible in many ways

Now, I am confident wearing short black dresses, striped tights and black bitch boots. I am confident wearing flitty skirts, bright blue tights, or fun tops. I don’t feel invisible anymore.

Then, I never identified myself as a writer, even though I wrote professionally.

Now, I like telling people I am a writer and a photographer.

Then, I acted like I didn’t care what people thought

Now, I really don’t care. I am going to do what makes me happy, when I feel like it, and if it makes other people feel odd or uncomfortable, well, that’s not my intent, but I’m not going to not do things for fear of someone’s disapproval.

Then, I was the kid picked last in gym class, the one no one wanted on their team.

Now, I love running. I have biked a century. I have started training for a half-marathon and a marathon at different times, and even though I got injured both times, that doesn’t mean I am giving up on realizing those goals at some point.

Then, I never felt sexy or attractive.
Now, I feel differently, and I know a large part of that is related to confidence.

Then, I kept my light from shining

Now, I want to let my light shine brighter and brighter.

Then, I was pretty klutzy.

Now, I know that inanimate objects such as walls and doors and tables actually come to life to jump in my path. Knives hurl themselves at my feet. Glass walls outside of news studios just magically spring up just as I am walking by, so I walk dead on into the wall, only to see the news anchors — who are filming, live, inside — try to not crack up on the air. It is clearly the inanimate objects trying to thwart me. It can’t possibly be me 🙂



For other takes on this subject, please visit Sunday Scribblings

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The gifts I would really like to give to the people I love are of the intangible sort that are hard to wrap up and put under a tree. So I will list them here instead. While I realize that won’t make my wishes real, I firmly believe that putting positive energy and good wishes out into the universe, especially directed at specific people, is never a bad thing.

For SheHangsBrightly, I wish for her heart to start healing, I wish for her to find a new job that will make her money situation feel less tight, and for her to find happiness again — first with herself, and then with a significant other.

For my mom, I wish for her back to heal even more so she isn’t in pain after a long day at work.

For my parents, I wish them financial health, because I know it adds so much stress to both of them.

For Tim, I wish for a new job that would challenge him and would give him growth opportunity.

For Omgirly, I wish for health for her new pup, Keeley

For BlissWarrior, I wish for peace from the ex.

For Daisies, I wish for healing for her heart, because I know she and her family have suffered many losses and it takes its toll.

For Savannah, I wish for success in the coming semester.

For B, who I am so very happy to have back in my life, I wish for success with his new role/project at work, although I know he will be kickass at it.

Happy holidays and love,

Kelly the Flying Mermaid

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I know I am biased, but I really do think she is the sweetest, happiest and prettiest pup.

Myra got an early Christmas present on Saturday — a new soccer ball. She absolutely adored it. She would chase it way longer than she chases her other balls. She would beg to go out so she could go play with it some more. She is a great goalie, although technically she guards the ball so it is hard to get a shot past her. If I wasn’t playing with her, she would just go outside and wag at her ball, hoping it would start magically playing with her. And then, tragedy. There is an open crawl space under the house. The ball ended up underneath the house, pretty much exactly where we can’t reach it without crawling under the house to retrieve it. I have never heard such sad puppy squeaks as when her ball went under the house and wasn’t coming back out. She kept racing back and forth between two sides of the house, peering under and squeaking for her ball. She has never tried to go under the house, but she looked like she wanted to. So very sad. We will be buying her a new soccer ball, but for now, it is good she has a short memory and lots of new toys!

Giving Myra toys is always fun. She always knows when there is something for her, and she has never once ever tried to go after something that wasn’t hers. But normally, she only gets one new thing at a time, and she will run off and play with it. For Christmas, we buy the big, pre-made stocking from PetCo with about 10 toys in it. She first tries to play with everything, then settles on laying on top of her new toy pile and chewing on her favorite (for the moment). I love this picture of her in her toy hoard.

For me, cinnamon buns are a Christmas tradition, and fortunately, KinnikKinnick makes Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free cinnamon buns. And naturally Myra got a little taste of Christmas buns as well. She’s already been out to play with her new tennis balls and will probably get to go for a walk soon.

It’s good to be a puppy!

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Every year, my parents put these up in the living room (except for a few years where I didn’t want them up, some dumb teenage reason). I love seeing how I changed from year to year. And apparently, I had a few plaid years 🙂

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