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This site has some really good religious bumper stickers, but ohmygod, the youtube video at the end. Watch it. It’s funny, and it makes some valid religious criticisms. Watch the whole thing…the beginning is a little boring, but once he gets to smiting, I was snorting with laughter.


“Believe those who seek the truth. Doubt those who find it.”


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Wow, what a difference a little sunshine can make. It’s been cloudy, grey and raining for a while now, with not many times when the sun has been shining. It came out for a little while, and my mood, which wasn’t bad to begin with, immediately brightened with the addition of the sunlight.

It felt springier. It felt happier. It was really nice to see the sun, and while I know the sunlight and lack of sunlight affect me, I didn’t realize how happy a little sunshine can make me. And of course as soon as I brought Myrawonderpup back in from her walk, it clouded up again. But at least there was a little break.

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It’s been a movie-filled couple of days.

Thursday night, we went to see the Mark Wahlberg film, Shooter. A good action film, with JFK and 9/11 conspiracy theories peppered throughout. At one point in the movie, they showed a building sign for the Department of Justice, and I think it is rather sad and telling that my thought was “Justice for whom?” As much as I’ve tried to not pay attention or ignore things going on in our country, and in the world, I really can’t. And I know that there is a lot of corruption. That the rich can buy their freedom. The government can label anyone a terrorist and send them off to detainment with no proof and hold them indefinitely. The government bullies people into not questioning things that don’t necessarily add up. I love this country, I love the ideals it can and should represent. It makes me sad but I guess the only thing we can do is be aware and speak out against things like that.

Last night, we went to dinner with Lisa and Steve and then went to see Blades of Glory. Parts of it were very silly, parts disgusting in a funny way. But Tim and I both said the same thing after the movie…when did it become acceptable to use homophobia for comedy? If it were two women skating as a pair, it probably would’ve been marketed as soft core porn, but two men was seen as disgusting/weird/controversial. And one of the previews we saw was for “I pronounce you Chuck and Larry,” a dumb looking comedy that has Adam Sandler and Kevin James getting married to get pensions from the fire department. It just seems like it is acceptable to use gay people as a punchline.

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At a little-known place called Duke University.

They called today, I’m going to meet with them next week when I am in NC, about a position as a staff writer at the Clinical Research Institute (part of their medical center).

Very excited. Even if nothing happens, it’s ok. We’re moving forward again, not staying stuck in one place. And it just feels like further confirmation that NC could be a good thing for us. Portland was good for us when we came here, and working at my last job, despite the challenges, was a really good thing, because it was great experience with a well-known academic medical center. But now Portland isn’t where we need to be right now. And I feel like we are headed in a good direction again.

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There’s beauty wherever you look, even in the ordinary.

I really like these photos. Makes me want to pay more attention to little moments like this.


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Biblical Plagues

As depicted by Peeps (found via Dooce)

Awesome. Peep terror is funny 🙂

Peep biblical plagues

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Some fun links

Ever played with Stumble? It’s a Firefox add-on. You fill out a profile of things you are interested in and then just hit Stumble! and it pulls up random Web sites that are generally in the categories you checked off. You can vote on each page, thumbs up or thumbs down, and it helps Stumble fine-tune the pages you get. Obviously, there’s some crap, but you also find really cool sites, that you might not have stumbled on otherwise.

Some recent ones I found and liked:

This because it just makes me smile.

Amazing dog photographer. Check out a few of his pictures, he’s really talented.

Some funny, and very non-pc T-shirts

Dude! This video is very cute. Happy hamster. Watch to see his feet spazz out in joy.

Odd/different hotels. There are some I definitely wouldn’t stay in (the drainpipe is a definite pass) but the underwater one is COOL! And there’s one from Portland, I’ve actually been there for dinner.

Funny animals. Who doesn’t love funny animal pics? If you answered that you don’t, well, clearly you are not one of my friends.

This is especially for Mik.

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