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Things over in Flying Mermaid land have been busy and hectic, and January was a not-so-great month health-wise (I will update you on that in my next post). But through it all, I’ve been shooting, a lot with my iPhone. I ❀ my iPhone. I love having so many different cameras on hand at all times with all the different apps that I have. I love how the simplest things can make for cool photos. With the iPhone, it’s so much more about play, and not worrying about taking a “great” photo. And because it is all about fun and play, I love the photos even more.

Here’s a glimpse into the little details of a Mermaid life.

Pretty frost and morning sun

I love how even the shadow looks curved

I thought these looked like little fairy lights

I thought this looked like nature’s valentine’s day

Husband playing pool

I love how the simplest things can take on a cool look in an iPhone photo – this is ShakeitPhoto, one of my very favorite apps.

Two cool pups at Dos Perros

One of my very favorite iPhone photos. Snow at our pool, with a guard owl

I look like I have little doll feet!

A neat car that I’ve often seen near my office. I finally got a picture of it

The cherry blossom trees are starting to bloom, this photo makes me very happy πŸ™‚


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For the love of light

Seattle, Part 2: Fun light fixtures, fun statues and interior art

I so completely love this shot, and loved the coffee shop it was in. They were playing super happy music, and the cafe workers were all singing along as if it was the most important thing they had to do that day. My kind of place.

Same coffee shop, a tree with blue glass bottles. I love how it looks like a painting, a little out of focus but still fun


Brother Aaron’s light and red wall. Just loved the colors, shapes, the kind of abstract feel.

One of my favorite statues, I think. Sure, I could get allΒ  deep about the rich man who owns the world, and how he doesn’t even notice the men beneath him holding him up…but really…I like him because he’s cute. That’s as deep as I get sometimes πŸ™‚

Big, proud moving girl statue = LOVE πŸ™‚

It’s like a big giant ice cream light fixture. Maybe for the giant girl above.

I am a total glass ho. Love love love glass. This window display is happiness.

I wonder what he thinks about? He looks like he is contemplating something

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Time for a photowalk, with images that caught my eye and made me happy today.


Gray morning, after a windy, rainy week, but a few leaves are still clinging on.












Fuzzies and bright leaves on one branch



Would you like an apple, little girl?


The WonderPup, although she makes me happy every day!

bliss lifeisgood












Why, yes, Bliss is spelled Cupcake! And the other sign…Books. Cats. Life is Good. Why, yes it is, especially when you have all those things!



I can not properly explain how much I love streets like this!


Top of a birdhouse. I would be pretty darn psyched if I was a bird.


Ha! A rather ineffective sign, it would appear


Free wireless with hookah session. Good to know.


The writing is on the wall. Even if it is a very small wall.




Side of the wall of the above restaurant


Yes, please. Times 50,000.


Ha!!!!!! You want a piece of me? David’s ear, $29.99 Ha!(my father-in-law, shouldn’t that be van gogh? Double Ha!)


Fresh pita from local, organic ingredients. Just because I can’t eat this doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the awesomeness.


The sign is empty, but still so beautiful!

Thanks for coming on my happy trip today!

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Had a lovely little photo adventure today in Chapel Hill


Lovely trees and lights


lovely light, my favorite


quite possibly the best name of a restaurant ever


Neat oil and spices in a fabulous Mediterranean deli



I think the fountain bird would quite like this nest that was part of a window display


Hookahs. Didn’t see a hookah-smoking caterpillar though.


The leaves stay dressed up in fall colors longer down here





Perfect light, gorgeous afternoon, photo adventure, yes it is bliss!


I adore shooting light fixtures


Perfect happy street


this clock and staircase were just incredible


See? how awesome is this?? I want a house with these stairs


Light, angles, brick, i will shoot stuff like this every day of the week happily


Need a hand? Apparently a giant lives in Chapel Hill, and is a graffiti artist


Exceptionally Chapel Hill


Memories…of chicken butts, I guess


Yes please


I’m confused. Am I supposed to walk across the street backwards? Because the arrow is pointing in the direction you would be pushing the button for.

Thanks for walking around Chapel Hill with me!

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The past month, and longer, I’ve not been myself, trapped in being unwell, with no energy left for anything I normally do. The fog is lifting, sun is breaking up the shadows and I am feeling much more like my usual mermaid self.

Some recent-ish photos that I love, and that make me feel happy, just because. Small slices of happiness are worth sharing! And the story of what’s been going on with me will be coming soon. It’s nice to feel I’m coming out the other side of it now.



Spiderwebs and glowing light. Nature’s art.



I adore old books!


This was actually set up for a photo shoot I was working on with Husband, he was doing an interview and thought he wanted the chair. I just loved this shot I took as I was setting up. No reason. It just spoke to me.



playing around, waiting for another photo shoot to start. I think I want to get this one framed.


Rich color and contrasts. Swoon.


A happy little flower, content with its face in the sun, and not afraid of the dark behind it. Yes.


yes please – sunshine and green and a proud little flower.

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Would you like to come on a sunset hike along the Eno River? Yes? Good!

Capture the glowing light all around

I find this so sweet. The girl was so excited about the hike (we walked by her at one point when she was digging with a small stick, and she exclaimed happily that she found buried treasure. What more can one ask of a hike than to find buried treasure?

Everything was just glowing lovely

Isn’t this an amazing nest? I imagine that in bird currency, they pay a high price for such a swanky home on the river.

Sometimes, you float along and ride the current, and sometimes, you try to fight the current for a while, and where it is taking you

I love living in a fall painting

I think this is what melted gold would look like.

Just a small waterfall, a baby really, but still very pretty

I love this tree. I love the bark. I really like this photo, and I can’t explain why.

Ever feel likeΒ  your world has turned upside down and nothing is quite the way it should be? Life in a reflected world.

Change your perspective from time to time. Maybe upside down is actually correct?

Ahhh. This feels peaceful and soothing.

Thank you for joining me on my sunset hike!

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I got to playing with paint and color today πŸ™‚

In real life, the color is so much more vibrant and fun, and it has lots of gold glitter on it πŸ™‚ I love it (even though the letters bled a bit)

I’m not like the girls you’ve known — again, brighter, cooler green in real life

And my collage. It reads:

True religion is brilliant artistry deep within

Discover the power of bold inspiration

Yes! Today’s the day to flaunt

Invent your own rules

Simply designed for the extraordinary

What I want is a wake-up call for my inner goddess

For positive effects have a daily dose of fun

Even better, find your inspiration and express your own love

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